Welcome to the Philosophic Examiner. The purpose of the Philosophic Examiner is for the research and study of Ucadian Canon Law. My goal is to accelerate the learning curve for anyone interested in testing the validity and mastering the principles of UCADIAN Canon Law and associated theology and cosmology. This website is designed to be an online Philosophy and Law magazine dedicated to examining and learning the principles of UCADIAN LAW.


  • The mission of the Philosophic Examiner is first, to examine, analyze and consider the legitimacy of the philosophic  principles underpinning UCADIAN Canon Law and the legal validity and strength of UCADIAN LAW. This website examines the legal validity of any all Canons, codes, associated covenants, trusts deeds, charters, theology, cosmology, patents, wills and testament forms,  and new and revised  sacred texts. The Philosophic Examiner is designed to analyze the time tested principles of the Rule of Law and to discern if UCADIA represents the true rule of law. The Philosophic Examiner is designed to provide the student with the tools to discern if Ucadian Law is a fraud and should be avoided so as not to injure the current practice of the rule of law of the private corporate Bar Guilds. Or is Ucadian Law in fact a legitimate and superior law form that must be obey by all politicians, attorneys, judges, bankers and public officers.
  • Second, it is the mission of the Philosophic Examiner to provide an accelerated learning environment so students, skeptics and critics of UCADIAN LAW can more quickly and easily comprehend the principles of UCADIAN law and with greater ease learn how to test the principles of Ucadian Law for validity and then test the laws to discover if they are true and provide remedy or relief from legal injury.
  • Third, the mission of the Philosophic Examiner is to provide graphic representations of the philosophic principles to help lawyers and individuals more quickly and easily comprehend UCADIAN LAW, THEOLOGY and COSMOLOGY.
  • Fourth, it is the mission of the Philosophic Examiner to provide a forum for lawyers  and individuals to discuss specific legal principles analyzed in the online lessons, articles, graphics, associated documents and videos and add their valuable thoughts and comments for discussing the validity and legal implications of the material.
  • The fifth mission of the Philosophic Examiner is to provide course materials, curriculum course work and associated test materials to verify one own skills, knowledge and mastery of the material.
  • The sixth mission of the Philosophic Examiner is to prepare a new generation of teachers to learn the principles of the law form and then to go on to become teachers to others.
  • The seventh mission of the Philosophic Examiner is to re-inspire a return to virtue, honor, logic, reason, character, personal responsibility, moral accountability, ethical behavior and charity among the people of our nation and those that claim to represent the law and good governance. Because if all those traits were present among all the people then an exhaustive forensic analysis of the history of the Rule of Law would not be necessary.
  • The ULTIMATE MISSION is to TEST the VALIDITY and the PRACTICABILITY of the UCADIAN LAW FORM for its ability to obtain real and tangible REMEDY and RELIEF when implemented by competent practitioners for specific, limited and defined legal injuries and controversies.


The question is this, do we have a right to be free from injury to the Rule of Law? Do we have a right to redress if the Government, Investment Bankers, Judges, Lawyers or the Law itself is causing the injury? Can it be demonstrated that the Law itself is causing injury? These are the ultimate questions this legal periodical seeks to answer.


If you are a Lawyer, Judge, Banker, Real Estate Agent or Attorney, or Politician  and claim to represent the law, then it is your duty as a representative of the law to read and consider the principles of UCADIAN LAW because it now claims to be the one and only true law form on planet earth. It claims that ALL other law forms out of accord with Ucadian Canon Law and Legal Principles are now alleged to be devoid of any and all legitimate legal authority for a long list of reasons described herein. If this is true, then this is an extraordinary proclamation that deserves the attention of all those practicing law. Ucadain Canon law claims that simply because the law form you currently practice continues to be practiced out of habit and historical momentum and precedence, does not mean the ‘Western Roman Law Form‘ continues to be valid. It simply means that the existing law form will only operate as long as the alleged private monopoly is not challenged by individuals competent in UCADIAN law. These are claims of profound implication. Western Roman Law, American law and the Private Bar Guilds are now alleged to be officially invalid law forms stripped of the valid trust structure and Roman Ecclesiastical Authority serving as the dependent foundation of these law forms. One Heaven and the claim Ucadian law represents the NEW HOLY SEE declare that the time is up for these fraudulent law forms and before long they will be relegated to the history books. And it is alleged that no longer will these law forms be practiced as valid law. The amount of time that may take and whether or not it will happen is uncertain. It may be months, years or centuries and perhaps never. It is not clear at this time how long it will take for UCADIAN LAW to be fully implemented and practiced by all people through consent, or if it becomes relegated to the junk heap of internet history. But one thing is certain, because of its logical cohesiveness and intelligent discourse it may very well eventually come to pass. That is why every lawyer needs to consider the history and principles of law contained on these sites.

If you are an individual that has never studied law, then you should learn this law form and associated theology and cosmology because it may offer you many insights and perhaps a new way of achieving peace, happiness, prosperity and an ability to defend your rights and property against fraud. It may teach you how to defend yourself against pirates, privateers and crooks pretending to be legitimate agents and officials.


It is implied in any new law form that the old law form is terminally broken and cannot be repaired. This is the primary question each lawyer and individual needs to explore to provide a reason to learn. IS THE LAW TERMINALLY BROKEN?


The Philosophic Examiner is designed to examine the foundational claim of the Canon Law of the Society of One Heaven that ” The Western Roman Legal, Governmental, Religious and Economic Models of Society Are Corrupt Beyond Repair. IS THIS TRUE? These are the questions this periodical will examine.


Although it is difficult to find a clear cut confirmation outside the Ucadian websites, any logical, rational, competent researcher of law can quickly surmise that perhaps Ucadian Law is the by product of an extremely large and perhaps centuries old internal conflict within the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and associated churches. The Society of One Heaven and Ucadian Law may be the legal argument that ultimately defeated the hold on power of the old, wealthy and powerful occult parasitic Merchant Banking Families that controlled the Vatican and Western Roman Law and remained above the law, insulated and beyond the jurisdiction of any and all law forms attempting to enforce justice against those injured by these organized criminal enterprises of these occult parasitic merchant banking families. It may be that Frank O’Collins, the claimed architect and author of Ucadia may simply be the one chosen, anointed and entrusted by what may have been the opposition party of Jesuits, Priests, Fransisco, Nights of Malta, scholars, officers, agents, lawyers and/or concerned  citizens and families to promulgate their legal argument that defeated the Roman Cult Merchant Banking families resulting in the Resignation of Pope Benedict and the election of Pope Francis on March 14th, 2013, apparently ending the legal status of the Merchant Banking families described by Ucadia as the parasitic Roman Cult. We may not be able to know for sure, but these questions deserve an honest and reasonable answer.


It is clear that the news headlines have not provided any insight as to the historic provenance of Ucadian Law. It should seem strange to the student of Ucadian law why the news or the Catholic Church has not publicly gone on the offensive and challenged or removed from the internet a million page legal argument that states with exceptional clarity that Ucadian law now represents the One and Only True Holy See. This is a public challenge of immense proportion and we have not heard a word of it from the new Pope named Francis. Nor has the media attacked this. Nor have the powerful merchant banking families and the wealthy Vatican enterprise attacked and removed it. Nor has the NSA or CIA or any other secret Government Agency that may be threatened by this challenge of authority attempted to attack, hack or remove this from the internet. The Society of One Heaven and Ucadia is being allowed to remain on the internet unchallenged. Why is this when ordinary people have begun to use the information to challenge the claims of the Papal Bulls and the claimed authority of the Catholic Church and attempt to obtain remedy through Sovereign Legal Status in accord with Ucadian Law. Why is this? Why would this be permitted when this law form truly represents a very clear threat, challenge and worthy contender for Global Legal Authority and Power? So it should beg the following questions from anyone with the intellectual capacity and logical ability to comprehend the legal strength of this opposing argument,

  • “Is Ucdian law and the Society of One Heaven THE SINGULAR PUBLIC NOTICE?”
  • ( Canon 1936 ) may demonstrate this.
  • “Is this proof of an extraordinary and cataclysmic shift in the structure of Global Power and Lawful Authority”?
  • “Have the Merchant Banking Families that control the Vatican and the Popes and all derived authorities finally been stripped from power”?
  • “Are all people of the Earth now under the Jurisdictional Authority of Ucadian Law”?
  • “Are the Elite Bankers, Merchants, Priests, Judges and Politicians no longer above the law, having been stripped of their fraudulent international superior legal sovereign status”?
  • “And are we witnessing the birth of a new form of law, a new credit based economy, and a new philosophic model destined to transform the foundations of society?

These are the questions that deserve a legitimate investigation by anyone practicing the law, and any man, woman or citizen that yearns for freedom, rule of law, virtue, honesty, personal responsibility, accountability, fiduciary competence and prosperity.

Is Ucadia just the legal Mumbo-Jumbo of a illegitimate self appointed internet law guru and dis-info agent seeking fame and fortune through online pay-pal donations?

Any critic that jumps to the conclusion that UCADIA and the Society of One Heaven is a cult, or a religion, or the work of a single self appointed messianic legal guru deluded into believing he is the second coming, is irrational, obtuse and incapable of complex cognition. Ucadian Canon Law requires a concerted effort while maintaining a coherent logical train of thought over a long period of time. Any prejudgment and criticism  lacking the persistent ability to analyze an extremely large and mufti-faceted legal proposition, and being unable to draw rational and reasonably sound conclusions from such an intellectual endeavor only reveals a lack of competence. Only fools will fail to read, discern and analyze, thus quickly forming shallow minded conclusion based on their own projected delusions, and unable to discern the meaning, importance and historical significance of the Ucadian Legal Architecture. A few simple questions may quickly put a rest to such allegations.  How much time would it take and how much would it cost to put together a one million page legal argument scattered over sixty web pages encompassing multiple scientific, legal and academic disciplines? How many people have quickly achieved “cut and paste” Sovereign status that can vouch for the efficacy of the Ucadian Solution resulting in word of mouth advertising? As a result has the Online Line Ucadian Venture proved to be profitable business model for Mr. frank O’Collins? If these questions result in answers that cannot demonstrate a profit or a valuable reason for one man to undertake such an enormous endeavor and endure the dimwitted attacks of truth movement hacks, then we have to ask the question, Why is Frank O’Collins doing this? If we can’t find a good reason for this simple question, then we have to look for an alternative explanation to provide a good reason for such a massive online matrix of website content.



It is implied by the first principle of this mission that the current Western Roman Law Form in operation today in the United States of America and much of the world is corrupt, is based on fraud and therefore is null and void from the beginning. Therefore, if we wish for the Rule of Law to be restored we must first acknowledge through education that the current law form is corrupt and beyond repair. Then we must seek to learn how to repair the rule of law. Finally, one must courageously act to restore the law within their society as a duty to themselves, their family and their society if all of this is true.


The second mission of UCADIA and the Society of One Heaven is to prove that anyone that is willing to read, listen and learn can become competent and stand for the Rule of Law and be able to legally defend themselves against the parasites, privateers and pirates. The author of this website is living proof that someone without a college education, that is a member of the blue collar working class can learn the law, educate others in the law and then courageously stand for the rule of law. Anyone that believes the RULE OF LAW is only for the privileged few that have the money, means and resources to attend a college will now discover the power of the Society of One Heaven to educate and empower anyone to become competent in the law. The big question is this, can anyone learn this information and go on to argue competently concerning maters of law? If you learn the material on this website, it will become clear this may not only possible, but may be an absolutely necessary requirement of each and everyone that is willing and able to learn the information.


The third Mission of the UCADIA and the Society of One Heaven is to educate the people so they can finally bring to an end the endless cycles of madness, greed, enslavement and cruelty that have plagued our beautiful planet for thousands of years. This will be accomplished when each and every individual takes the time and effort to absorb these powerful ideas and intellectual skills and learn to take action on timeless virtues. The ideas provided on this website provide an in depth and uncorrupted analysis of the most extraordinary intellectual challenges of our time. The information-age fueled by the internet, the media, history, religion, education, archeology and the truth movement has produced an explosion of thought and ideas that threatens to confuse critical thinking to such a degree that our social fabric is threatened by information-chaos and disintegration.


If there is no cohesive and collective model of thought that restores a fundamental trust that can bring people together to solve the extraordinary stresses culminating in a perfect apocalyptic storm, then self interest, fear, desperation and ignorance will fragment society and we will become terminally distrustful of each other, conflict will erupt and the collective culture will collapse.

This is an age that will require extra-ordinary courage by a handful of courageous and  capable people exerting powerful persuasive influence over the masses of self interested lunatics that are not spiritually or intellectually prepared for the challenges to come. Most people of our age are too shallow, too distracted by frivolous entertainment, too confused, too self interested and too afraid to be leaders among people in a time of need. This blog is designed to help those that are capable to more quickly remember and reinforce the character and virtues that are required during times of great social upheaval.

The years to come will see an amazing confluence of social, environmental, economic, legal, and governmental challenges that will test every human being to the limits of their abilities. There will be a great need for a handful of people to learn and master the ageless virtues and new revelations to meet these challenges with honor and conquer the inevitable tribulations of what seems to be an unavoidable prophecy.

The articles on this blog will examine the most extraordinary ideas, revelations and solutions now coming to light and unfolding before our eyes. To those with eyes to see and ears to hear, they will witness events and revelations that can only be described as biblical in proportion. Will the few leaders that are needed to lead the many come forward and stand with courage to provide the strength and glue needed to bring people together as we move into a new future with remarkable opportunities while correcting the terrible fruition of time worn consequences?

In an age of confusing information and a cacophony of voices all screaming for attention, there is a need for simplicity of thought and clarity of purpose. This blog will provide philosophic tools and methods and conceptual insights to help each individual defend the sacred sanctity of their own mind and to defend their right to enjoy a state of mind that is free from manipulative contamination. Its mission is to also help individuals defend  their value, efforts, labor, freedom and creativity from parasites, thieves, liars, fraudsters, false claimants, false prophets and mind molesters. It is designed to give leaders the razor sharp insights needed to cut to the core of the matter and achieve strength of character through commitment to time tested principles and virtues.


If you have just read this page, then you are being called to be courageous and examine and consider an extra-ordinary set of ideas now being revealed on the websites associated with UCADIA and the Society of One Heaven. Your skill, effort, attention, courage and virtue are needed to re-inspire the world we live in so we can perhaps restore the law, restore a balance so we can finally learn to live in peace and prosperity where any and all can enjoy the fruits of their labor and creativity. Will you answer this call by taking the time to read, listen, learn and consider the many ideas and history revealed on these websites? The TRUTH deserves an honest examination.


Steven O’Connell is the author of the Philosophic Examiner that provides a philosophic analysis of the thoughts, ideas, law form and cosmology of Ucadian Canon law, theology and cosmology. It is claimed Frank O’Collins is the singular and sole entrusted author and architect of ucadia and the Society of One Heaven.

Reservation of Rights.

In regard to Frank O’Collins and Ucadia books,  the Society of One Heaven and the Holy See, the information promulgated on the websites linked to herein,  All Rights Shall Be Reserved To Frank O’Collins and Ucadia Books in Sacred Trust in accord with Pactum De Singularis Caelum under the One True Divine Creator.

In regard to the unique articles, creative ideas, philosophy, theology, insights, articles, artwork, graphics, course materials, tests, opinions and analysis and direct testing of the material and all documents listed and discussed herein,  All Rights Shall Be Reserved To Steven O’Connell and the Steven O’Connell Estate in Sacred Trust in accord with Pactum De Singularis Caelum under the One True Divine Creator.

Legal Disclaimer.

Steven O’Connell in no way shape or form expresses or implies he is providing legal advice concerning the private law form of the private Bar Guilds. The material on this website is for educational, entertainment and informational purposes only. If you are currently experiencing immanent legal or financial issues you will need to contact your lawyer at this time. The material contained on this site can be potentially dangerous to those that use the knowledge before they become competent in its use. Steve O’Connell is expressly warning any and all not to engage in any activity concerning the private Bar guilds, the Government, Banks and any Court of Bar Guild Law nor follow his example until a very strong level of competence in UCADIAN LAW and Western Law of the Private Bar Guilds has been achieved. This may take years of hard study and learning!!! You have been warned! Any and all people that come to this website accept any and all liability and personal responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions including any attempted legal remedies. Steven O’Connell in no way shape or form claims to enjoy a complete mastery of UCADIAN Canon Law and therefore refers all people to reference the original source material cited on this site directly back to the original source material here. All information on this website represents an interpretation of the original source law therefore all material on this site has no legal legitimacy, authority or validity. Only Frank O’Collins and his associated patents through UCADIA books reserves all rights as the true and original source of UCADIAN LAW. Please refer to the original source to verify all opinions and interpretations on this site to learn the true and valid form of UCADIAN LAW.


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