What is UCADIA?

Near the end of 2010 I stumbled upon a website called One-Heaven. At first I remember thinking that the website contained so much information that I could not possible begin to spend the time needed to read enough to even comprehend the purpose of the website.  But I started to read and soon I was very intrigued with the information I was reading. Many of the ideas contained on the web pages were ideas I very much agreed with. But the ideas were all contained in an itemized list of rules called Canons. Having been born and raised a Catholic, I was well aware that the only institution I was familiar with that promulgated Cannons of law was the Catholic Church. So my presumption was from the beginning that this must be the work of the Catholic Church. But the more I read the more disconcerted I became with the Canons. Many of the Canons referred to an astonishing history that read more like the hidden Papal confessions from the Secret Vatican Archives than what I would consider normal Catholic Canonical doctrine. So I became more intrigued the more I read, and the next thing you know I was investing large amounts of time trying to get my arms around the information on this website. The more I read the more flabbergasted I was with the extraordinary history and revelations I was reading on this website.

My History as a Catholic.

Long ago I had left the Catholic Church because I could not believe Catholic Doctrine. Many Catholic beliefs were so contrary to what I considered to be true that I could not honestly consider myself a Catholic if my own intuition was so contrary to Catholic teaching. This caused me a great deal of distress growing up that I was eventually added to the long list of people that considered themselves recovering Catholics. I spent my entire childhood in conflict with my parents and my older siblings over Catholic beliefs. This caused me an extreme degree of stress and inner conflict that I would have to say that it cast a long dark shadow over my childhood. I was so offended by those that condescended to me as some kind of a god forsaken heretic that I then spent huge sums of time as an adult pouring over volumes of philosophy texts, history texts, religious texts, science texts, paranormal research, astronomy and astrology, all in an attempt to discover the real truth I knew had been corrupted by the Catholic Church. But history is a dark and murky library and it became evident that I may never know the true story of human history and spiritual insight.

Developing My Own Philosophy On Life.

As time went on, I became obsessed with philosophy and spirituality. It seemed the entire world I lived in was one giant lunatic asylum. I started to believe the looney ward had no walls. That the entire world I lived in was a penal colony for the mentally insane. Of course I was not the first person on earth to ever come to this conclusion. I share the company of many philosophers and artists before me. But I could not be satisfied until I discovered a philosophy I knew was true and logically consistent. So over time I developed my own system of thought that was a mixture of many of the best ideas from every philosopher and sage from the beginning of time and blended with my own insights that simplifies many very complex philosophic ideas. Eventually I found peace within myself and hunkered down to live the rest of my life surrounded by crazy beliefs that caused people to behave like maniacs and lunatics.

A gold mine of secret history if it can be shown to be real.

Then I discovered that One-Heaven had a sister web site called One-Evil. I felt like I had hit the jack pot of secret knowledge from the inner temple archives. Finally someone was telling the real story and revealing the dirty tricks from generations past that was the caused the creation of this giant funny farm of religious diversity. Then I stumbled upon the book of apology on the site One-Evil.org. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Was this really the confessions of the Vatican and the Catholic Church? This read like a terrible true crime novel of the worst evil acts in history. And in the new Supreme Bible of God you will find Warrants against Pope Benedict and Others. Is this real? It is so complex and complete that it seems extremely improbable that it is the work of a single man. Could this possibly be the great confession that would heal all wounds? But nowhere did the website say in bold letters, ” This Site Is The Official Confession Of The Roman Catholic Church Designed To Help All Recovering Catholics and Children Abused by Clergy!” No, instead it referred to a man named Frank O’Collins as the alleged sole Author of this website. So I began to research Frank O’Collins a little more. The next thing I discovered was an incredibly long interconnected series of websites with one thing in common. They were all a part of this very new, wondrous, controversial and strange thing called UCADIA. What is UCADIA? It stands for Unique Collective Awareness of Dia. Dia being the meaning of things. And UCA is the new name for the Divine Creator. And each of us is a unique member of the collective awareness of One-Heaven. Now most people would simple disregard all of this as the mad ramblings of another internet hippie guru trying to reinvent religion, evade taxes and get rich quick by filing fraudulent liens. But if you came to that conclusions, it would reveal your utter lack of intelligent discernment. The more you read between all of these websites, the more you quickly ought to discover that whatever this is, it is absolutely enormous and very well conceived. This was not just some weekend project of one man on a mission to create a website that earned a living off donations. No, this was much bigger in scale and intelligence that most can imagine and anyone that ignores it is quite simply an ignoramus that lacks the ability to see something significant if it hit him in the head with a mallet. What ever this is, I knew that it was a big deal. I just couldn’t get my arms around exactly what is was, what its purpose is, and who is really behind it. That would require an enormous commitment of time and energy in an attempt to extract the real story. That is the purpose of this website. To examine and reveal the real nature of UCADIA and its significance.

Is the Sovereign Man Movement True or a Dangerous Lie?

The one element within the material being taught on these websites concerns the Sovereign man movement. There have been many freedom fighters over the centuries that have attempted to break the people free from tyrannical Government agencies. The question we all need to ask is if this is true or is just a false road that leads to jail? No matter what the case may be, or what opinion you may have, One Heaven makes clear that the purpose of this information is the restoration of the Rule of Law. If that results in holding Government officials accountable to true, honest, ecclesiastical and logical principles of law since the beginning of civilization, then that goal alone should draw the reader to explore the validity of these ideas further. No one should be allowed to injure the law and the due process of honest Divine Justice, and no one should be above the law. But if Government officials cannot demonstrate honest competence in the law, then they should not be allowed to injure the law for their own profit, gain or diabolical political agenda. So the question remains, what are the TRUE PRINCIPLES OF LAW?

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