Vatican Court Yard Key Hole



Although this lesson may appear to be an Anti-Vatican truth movement article, it is really intended to provide a primer in symbolism. Most people that come to the Society of One Heaven website and to the associated One-Evil web site, have a hard time getting their head around the unusual alternative revelations of history. Most Christians and Catholics will be offended by many of the claims made on these websites. So this article is designed to use symbols as a means of grabbing curiosity. The symbols do not lie. If a symbol is used over and over again, then it can be argued that the symbol unites seemingly two separate groups or countries under a single monolithic entity. This lesson is designed to be a primer on symbolism.

Western Roman Law Symbols.

The purpose of this lesson is to make the student aware of the dependencies and Provenance of Western Roman Law. Many ignorantly believe the Roman Catholic Church has nothing to do with modern American Law. This is an opinion of extreme ignorance. This lesson focuses on the core group of symbols that all have their provenance in the Western Mediterranean religious, legal and governmental traditions, all culminating within the Roman Catholic Church. Symbols have been the method of public notice for thousands of years.

The Language and Symbols of Western Roman Law.

The Vatican Court Yard has been likened to a key hole because the Western Roman Language of Latin has been used for centuries as the legal language standard that has double meanings. You cannot know the source and power of Rome nor can you defeat Rome in court legally because the language itself has been corrupted by Roman history, and the Shakespearean portfolio. Without this knowledge, you don’t stand a chance of understanding why organized criminal cartels, white collar banking criminals and corporate CEO’s don’t go to jail.


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vatican court yard

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Vatican Court Yard MAP


Many believe The United States Of America has its own laws, constitution and legal system. Many judges, lawyers and politicians believe America has no dependencies and in no way is connected to the Roman Legal System deriving its authority from the Vatican and the Papacy. The purpose of this blog post is to open your eyes and follow the symbols to discover where America derives all of its legal authority, and how all of its Political and Legal offices derive from the chain of command leading back up to the Vatican. If you are a politician or practice law in America, the Society of One Heaven has the singular purpose of re-educating you as to the true historical providence of the Unites States of America and where all of her power is derived.


Many people will believe that anything to do with these symbols is just conspiracy theory. They may even be afraid to discuss the subject at all. The simple fact is that these KEY Roman Symbols show us the chain of command to the Western Roman Legal and Financial System we all take for granted today. The purpose of this blog post is to simply begin to open your eyes to how our system works, and how UCADIA and the Society of One Heaven is the evolution of this system, ending the old ways and beginning the new way. When you begin to learn of about these symbols, you should be under no illusion as to where the chain of command leads. It clearly leads to the top of the pyramid in Rome.

What Are The Roman Symbols To Look For?

How do you know the Western Roman System is behind the Government of any country? These are the symbols to look for. You will notice that all of these symbols of biblical in nature and have their provenience in the history of Mediterranean religion and Sate craft culminating in the rise and survival of the Roman State. See the Seals of the US.

Follow the links and see if you can find the symbols in the seals.

These symbols represent the core group of symbols found all around planet earth and lead right back to the Roman Catholic Church as the cap stone of spiritual and temporal legal authority on earth. Learn t identify these symbols in artwork and architecture and you will begin to see ROME everywhere.

  1. Roman Architecture in Government Buildings.
  2. Latin Motto’s. in Government Seals.
  3. Eagles. The Eagle is a symbol associated with Zeus.
  4. Oculus-Omni, All Seeing Eye. Eye of Horus. This symbol is found in the Vatican.
  5. Sun Burst, Sun Rays, Glory Rays. These symbols are found at the Vatican.
  6. Fasces. Fasces are a Roman Symbol.
  7. Pyramids. All seeing eyes and Dollar bills.
  8. Olive branches with fruit. Olive branches are an ancient Crown worn by Roman Caesars.
  9. Oak leaves. Oak leaves and Holly leaves are also a crown worn by the Romans and ancient Holly Druids.
  10. Keys. Keys in Moscow.
  11. Balance.
  12. Five pointed stars. Pentagons.
  13. Six pointed stars.
  14. Seven Pointed Stars.
  15. Nine pointed stars.
  16. Specific numbers, 13, 33, 144 etc.
  17. Coat of arms.
  18. Use of Great Seals and Lesser Seals.
  19. Shields with escutcheon.
  20. Roman Architecture, Pillars etc.
  21. Cap of Phrygia.
  22. Lightning bolt of Zeus.
  23. Spear or lance.
  24. Arrows.
  25. Crossing keys, Crossing fasces, crossing flags, or crossing bones.
  26. Swords.
  27. Snakes.
  28. Pine Cones.
  29. Torches
  30. Scrolls.
  31. Globes symbolizing global dominion.
  32. Tree of life. Oak trees. Oak Leaves. Oak Wreaths.
  33. Pen or quill with scroll or bible.
  34. Wings and solar disc of Ra.
  35. Maltese cross. Sovereign Military Order of Malta.
  36. Seal of Knights of Columbus.
  37. Sun Rays of Jesuit Seal. Sol-Invictus. Glory Rays.
  38. Ten Commandments.
  39. A world awash in secret symbols in plain sight.
  40. Where did the Nazi’s get all those symbols?
  41. The State Seal the has it all.


These symbols are used over and over again throughout time. They have significant meaning and value to those that have used them. If you don’t learn what the symbols mean, then you will never be able to decipher the secret codes of fraternal societies that Govern the world we live in.


We Are Governed By The Principles Of Western Roman Law.

Most American believe Fascism was a creation of the Nazis of WWII. Almost all Americans would refuse to believe Fascism is the principle foundation to the Western Roman Legal and Political System in operation in America toady. Even if ‘Matter of Fact Evidence’ is presented to show all of the symbols used by Fascists Dictators from history are also prevalent in American society today, this would not be enough to convince people. So many people will refuse to look and consider. If that is the case, then there is no hope of overcoming the long list of lies and deception that is at the heart of the corruption that is undermining the foundation of Freedom in America today. 6 Million Jews were burnt alive in concentration camps because people refused to open their eyes and believe what they see. Even if the perpetrators themselves were to show you their lies in plain sight, that is often not enough for people to wake up and believe what they see is true. It will always be up to you to read, listen, learn and carefully consider any evidence before you jump to conclusions. This website reveals buried secrets that most will find too horrible to believe. You are free to reject any evidence provided.


Revelation and Apologies Cannot Heal If People Do Not Open Their Eyes.

UCADIA is the Evolution of the Global Legal System.

In order for the world to evolve and die to the old and give birth to the new, then people need to see clearly what is being discarded before they can be comfortable with what is taking its place. Many terrible crimes have been committed throughout human history. To close your eyes to the truth will prevent the ending of global tyranny. Each individual need to become educated as to the true history behind all the the wars and crimes against humanity, and only then can we discard the terrible history behind modern civilization.

SYMBOLS of a Terrible Past in Plain Sight.

Why is there a Swastika at an American Military Base in San Fransisco?

Where did the Swastika come from? What is its history?

Why were the Nazis called the SS?

Jordan Maxwell has opinions and pictures of the Vatican Courtyard. You Decide.

Is this just another Catholic Smear Campaign? Show me pictures to prove it.

What’s with the symbolism at airports?

Why do airports needs these snake symbols, swastika layouts and phoenix birds?

Are these snaking roads at the Denver airport a Uadjet of the Eye of Horus?

Why are the brainiacs that design airports so obsessed with strange Egyptian Symbols?

Is there something there not telling us or is this just seeing images of Jesus on Toast?

Could this air port Phoenix also be found in the Nazca Lines Phoenix?


What does the iron cross have to do with it?

What is with all the symbolism?


What is a FASCES?

What is FASCISM?


Roman Fasces at the LINCOLN MEMORIAL.


Vatican City State Coins with Fasces.

An American Coin, The Dime.

Symbols have a provenance. The Fasces has always been a Roman symbol of corporeal discipline and punishment. If you believe ROMAN FASCISM was a German Nazi invention, then you are terribly ignorant of history. The pictures on these pages are designed to wake you up and show you the simple truth as is exhibited in the PUBLIC NOTICE OF SYMBOLS. The problem is, people refuse to believe even if they are given undeniable overwhelming proof. They don’t believe even if the perpetrators confess their sins and crimes. This is crazy. This page is designed to help you open your eyes to the symbols that surround you. If you choose to ignore public notice, then you deserve the Government you get. Slavery is by self selection and acquiescence.


It can be argued that all this symbolism is just coincidental. Well maybe so. But if you include the chain of command within Western Roman Trust Law, the etymology and origin of words used in Western Law, the structure and history of western government, and the documented history that is at your fingertips, then it becomes an extraordinary effort to dismiss all of these connections as just merely coincidental. But that is for you to decide.

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