Did GOD create human beings as was recorded in the Bible? Or did the Elohim ( plural for gods ) manipulate primate DNA and create ADAM in their own image? What are these ancient texts trying to tell us? And is there a secret history that has been purposefully hidden and obscured to give the EL-ite an advantage over the rest of humanity because they are civ-ILI-zed and we are not? As you begin to read the many articles, documents and web pages throughout UCADIA, you will be presented with a dialogue that implies a hidden occult knowledge of a genetically engineered Alien Origin to the Homo-Sapien Species. Most people have good reason to be skeptical of the subject of ufo’s and alien encounters. But most people have simply dismissed the entire subject as fanciful, full of hoaxes and delusion. When you begin to contemplate the subjects presented on these websites the issue is no longer so simple. There are archeological anomalies throughout history on our planet that are not easily explained away by an honest inquiry. The human genome project has revealed anomalies that are difficult to explain with traditional Darwinist evolutionary theory. Studies of human blood types reveal scientific statistics that destroy the ‘out of Africa’ hypothesis. And there are many extinction level genetic defects humans suffer that force us to consider why humans have survived when we should have become extinct a long time ago. UCADIA appears to present a hidden history and secret lost knowledge that is casting a new light on an ancient subject. You will wonder if this is some kind of Government or Vatican ‘disclosure’ of the truth of human origins. You will wonder what ‘they’ know and what has been hidden in secret archives for centuries. Your wonder will not be satisfied by an external authority. In the end it will be up to you to decide if the information presented is credible and can be taken as valid evidence of Human Origins. The ultimate question is, if Aliens exist and they have tampered with the natural genetic code of the primates on this planet, what does that say about our species? Why are we so different? HAS SCIENCE AND ARCHEOLOGY PROVIDED SOME INSIGHTS THAT CANNOT BE EASILY DENIED BY SKEPTICS?

Origin of Species 1

Origin of Species 2

Origin of Species 3

De Dea Magisterium

The Journey Of Self

Understanding Our Ancestors

Legacy of the GODS

Signatures of Higher Order Life Form Influence

Ancient Scripture and the ‘gods’ as Aliens?

Supreme Agreement and Covenant


UCADIA and the Society of One-Heaven offer many sacred texts, stories and a revised history. You will quickly wonder if any of this is accurate history of just made up stories. You will wonder why all of these texts do not provide citations as proof of their provenance. You will have to use your intelligence, reasoning skills and discernment to come to your own conclusions. In the end, uncovering the truth is up to you.

Why there are no citations, an explanation.

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