Symbolism 1


Symbols have a provenance and a meaning. The people that spend small fortunes carving these symbols into palaces, temples, capitol buildings, Government buildings and more do not do this by accident. The people that employ symbolism believe the symbols have great power. If you want to know where the symbols come from and what they mean, you need to begin getting educated about symbolism. This page explores the many symbols that have extraordinary meanings.

The Society of One-Heaven has conveyed the power and authority of all symbols into itself, so that no entity can claim authority using these symbols in their sealed documents unless their deeds, pronouncements and judgements are in accord with Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum.

See Article 47.5 Chapter 2 – Conveyance of Rights, Powers and Symbols of Authority.


After visiting the links below, you should at least begin to wonder what is behind all the symbolism. Why are so many people obsessed with symbols? Why do the same symbols pervade our culture? Are we being brainwashed? Or is this just conspiracy theory? Should we be concerned as parents to our children? Do we have a responsibility to know what the hell is going on here? Follow these links and begin to become familiar with these symbols and consider why these symbols pervade our culture at every level.

All Seeing Eye in Female Rock and Rap Music. WHY?

All Seeing Eye At The Vatican. WHY?

The Symbolism behind the Great Seal of the United States. WHY?

Skull and Cross Bones.

Pagan Symbols.

Masonic Symbols.

Christian Symbols.

Vatican Symbols.

Vatican Symbol Videos.

Symbolism of the All Seeing Eye.

Symbolism of Suns Rays.

Vatican Obelisk.

Apollo Sun Worship.

Pine Cone Symbolism.

Sun God.

Sun Symbols.

Bronze Globe Sculptures.

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