The Golden Rule


UCADIAN LAW is based on the simplicity of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule has been spoken of in many ways over the centuries. It has been praised and condemned by philosophers, theologians and lay people as the foundation or the bane of the rule of law. This article examines the Golden Rule in its simplest context, considering the strength and weakness of arguments for or against.


  1. The primary criticism of the golden rule is that other people may not treat themselves that well, so why should they treat you any better than themselves.
  2. The secondary criticism is that many people are deluded and conceited and therefore want to be treated as superior to another.
  3. The third argument against the golden rule is that many people have a poor self image and do not believe themselves to be worthy of respectful  behavior from others.

Self-serving or evil minded people do not expect others to treat them well because they are always scheming and planning contingencies for the day their lies and ruthless conspiracies are exposed to the light of day and the consequences for their actions come to fruition. These are people that believe life is a zero sum game and we should treat each other as competitors or combatants on the game board of life. Their entire model of reality and human interaction is based on a ( winner-takes-all and the losers-loses-all ) attitude toward life. In fact, they believe people that people who treat them well are naïve, desperate or weak and because of their cowardice, desperation or stupidity they deserve what they get. Therefore these individuals are not capable of forming a mental picture of mature enlightened behavior. So therefore the golden rule will not work for them as normally stated because they do not have a model in their mind of the benefits of treating others well and the inevitable and inescapable consequences of treating people poorly. In fact these individuals have a form of mental limitation, they cannot form a predictive model far enough into the future to see the impossibility of winning the game. They believe they will be the first in history to outsmart fate, karma or consequence. They believe their schemes will forever outsmart their opponents. And they will remain one step ahead of enduring the consequences of their choices. They are like reckless teenagers that are unwilling and unable to form a picture of the consequences of the thoughts, words and actions. Their cravings and self serving desires govern their decisions.

THEREFORE, a superficial comprehension of the Golden Rule is not sufficient to address the many and varied consequences of the real world of human behavior.

The best way then to look at the Golden Rule is to see it from the point of view of the negative as opposed to the positive. That means not from the point of view of treating others the way you want to be treated, but rather that you will unavoidably reap the consequences of your behavior toward others. The following Golden Rules are treated in a single thought per sentence. Each sentence embodies a single Golden Rule from both a positive as well as a negative context.

UCADIAN LAW  and the Will and Testament of your Estate define rights relative to the golden rule. This list of Golden Rules will help you more quickly see how UCADIAN LAW operates. Rights and Obligations are equivalent to the two sides of the Golden Rule.


  •  As you deny the right(s) of another(s), so shall you be denied the same right(s).
  • As you degrade another, so shall your legal standing be degraded.
  • As you dishonor another, so shall your office be dishonored.
  • As you dishonor the office of another estate, so shall your office lose its authority.
  • As you dishonor the Rule of Law, so shall you lose the protection of the law.
  • As you steal from another, so shall your estate be bonded and charged.
  • As you dishonor the court, so shall you lose your standing.


  • As you serve another(s), so shall your estate grow in wealth.
  • As you give value to another(s), so shall your estate grow in value.
  • As you become educated, so shall your estate grow in demand.
  • As you are charitable to others, so shall you grow in esteem.
  • As you become wise, so shall you become a leader of others to charitable service.
  • As you lead others to charitable service, so shall your estate reap the harvest you have sown.
  • As you protect others under the rule of law of your estate, so shall your community grow.


  • As you are loving to others, so shall you be loved by others.
  • As you sincerely compliment others, so shall you lead them to great service and accomplishment.
  • As you educate others, so shall you master the discipline yourself.
  • As you teach another a craft, so shall you be rewarded with great works.
  • As you teach others to be kind, so shall you find yourself surrounded with kindness.
  • As you teach others to overcome their mistakes, so shall you be released from their consequences.


  • As you hate another, so shall you endure the experience of harboring hatred in your soul.
  • As you hold onto grievance, so shall your soul rot and become soiled with bitterness.
  • As you fear loss, so shall the source be denied you.
  • As you plan treachery toward another, so shall you be consumed with the anxiety of retribution.
  • As you plan the demise of another, so shall you be consumed by the cost of war.
  • As you imagine the treachery of another(s), so shall you be consumed by fear.
  • As you hold fast to the body, so shall you lose sight of the source of life.
  • As you hold fast to form, so shall you lose touch with that which transcends.
  • As you embellish your body, you forget your soul.
  • As you defeat another(s), you lose the gifts they would bring.
  • As you kill another(s), you strengthen your nightmares.
  • As you condemn another so shall you condemn yourself
  • As you are cruel to another, so shall you be cruel to yourself
  • As you steal from another, so shall you deny yourself
  • As you degrade another so shall you be degraded
  • As you defile the innocence of another, so shall you lose your refuge in innocence
  • As you say to another “I hate you”, so shall you believe,  “they must hate me”.
  • As you hate another, so shall you endure the experience of hate within yourself.


Many who come to the Society of One Heaven may claim that it is too hard to learn because there is so much information to digest. The simplest answer to this question then is the above examples. Are you willing and able to live by the Golden Rule? If you answer yes to this question, then it is worth your while to learn how to become the General Executor of your Estate.

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