The Grand Piano Of Seven Deadly Sins.


Who is the guilty party in this example… The one who tells a strategic lie or half truth that gives another a prejudicial reason to commit murder, or the idiot that believes the lie, gets angry, jumps to conclusions because he fails to investigate the facts, apply discernment and commits murder for revenge, greed, lust or jealousy? If the one telling the lie is testing your moral character as a right of initiation into a Free Society of Spirits committed to peace, then truly the idiot is the guilty party. How else can one Spirit LEARN of the invisible character and elusive moral inclination of the other spirit if not for a TEST that REVEALS the sincere volition of the Spirit in question? Take care your desires, imaginings and inclinations that you awaken to your deepest REVELATIONS. The composer(s) of the music performed in the theater of life are Masters of the Grand Piano Of Sin. How are they playing you? What will you do? Will you hide in fear? Will you use this evil system to engorge yourself? Will you use the levers of power for your own sadistic desire for power? Will you use knowledge to gain an advantage to increase your wealth? Will you use all the lies written in religious texts to abuse and molest the minds of your children to keep them at your knees and under your control? Will you  refuse to hear the call for peace in Heaven and Earth and demand the war in Heaven has just begun? Or will YOU take a stand and risk everything to save the world from your hatred, anger, greed, lust and jealousy? All it takes is just one good ROCK.

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