Who are You/We?

UCADIA is a collection of ideas describing of the Divine paradox of being. In our day to day lives we tend to focus strongly on ourselves as separate individuals competing against others in a sea of souls that are at war with each other. UCADIA represents the ancient and modern collection of wisdom that is now available to give you a broader perspective on who and what you/we are.

The Paradox of Being.

We are both separate unique individuals and interconnected beings that share a collective dream we tend to call reality. We are a PARADOX. What we tend not to consider is that the dream we share is a construct of biological processes and limitation along with many conceptual notions, ideas, beliefs and models that allow us to integrate our unique individual life with the lives of others. The problem is, those conceptual models can become destructive to the individual and the whole of society. When it is discovered that the model is broken and trust between individual people is lost, society then descends into a death spiral. And that is where we as a species are now. The many conceptual models that we share have become corrupted over the centuries to benefit the desires of a relatively few very intelligent beings that desire to control the minds of others for their own interests. The minds of an intelligent few can control the minds of billions of people and animals on this planet. If the minds of those few intelligent beings fully comprehend how the human brain works, then they know how to program its operating system and its application software. Then the unique individual no longer is free to pursue their own unique dreams, but rather they become a cog in a highly technological wheel performing labor and creative problem solving to bring to life within our collective dream their vision of the world ‘they’ desire. But today many individuals are deciding they don’t like the form of the society that has been designed by these beings. It has evolved into a mechanized modern Frankenstein monster  that has enslaved humanity for its own ends. And the vision is dark, cruel, mechanical, uncaring and unfeeling and self-consuming. Our society has evolved into an Uroboros. Our society is a self-consuming machine that is destroying the world we live in and it is slowly destroying us.

Another vision of what could be.

The human spirit is more than just the mechanics of biology. Many prophets, philosophers and seers have been trying to wake us up for millennia. But only a precious few listen. But today more and more people are waking up and beginning to realize that the human being is more than just a robot, destined to a life of slavery, working a job to get paid by the insane beings that are designing this mess for their own sadistic desires, profits and gain. There are certain souls that have had an experience that has catapulted them into a much more expansive and sublime experience of life. These experiences can be triggered in a variety of ways. But once a person steps outside the normal programing of the machine, then they discover a much more beautiful vision awaits us if we are only willing to allow the old program to die and be replaced with a better dream, a much better idea of how life could be in our shared dream of life on planet earth.

Watch these videos to see another point of view.

This first video is a TED Talk given by Jill Bolte Taylor. It describes her experience after she had a tremendous stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain. She is a neuro-scientist and she relives her stroke from the point of view of a scientist. You will discover that near the end of her speech she no longer speaks like a scientist, she transforms into a prophet, a seer and a mystic. Her mechanized programing was turned off by her stroke and she began to see the world from another point of view. A miraculous point of view.

Jill Bolte Taylor @ TED Talks.

COMPARE Jill’s Experience to DMT.

Is this experienced the result of chemistry of something deeper? That is the question.

NDE as experienced by a Neuro-Surgeon.

Many people are skeptical of the near death experience. But an examination of the NDE relative to other experiences points to a regular and repeating revelation of the nature of the Homo-Sapien mind. To simply dismiss these accounts would be to ignore vital evidence that gives us an insight into who and what we are. Watch this video featuring Eban Alexander to see how a Neuro-Surgeon interprets his own NDE.

Eban Alexander on Oprah.

DMT, Entheogens and the Chemical Brain.

Many scientist have studied the chemical nature of the human brain. And many people have had experiences with LSD ( Morning Glory Seeds ), Psilosyben ( Mushrooms ) and Mescaline ( Cactus ) DMT ( Ayahuasca Root ) are just a few. Here are a couple of resources to explore the entheogenic experience.

Rick Strassman Studied The Effects of DMT .

Realms of Human Consciousness.

What is the mind exactly?

When studying the effects of brain damage, the near death experience and entheogenic experience, it will leed the individual to attempt to discover what the human mind is. The book entitled the irreducible mind is an exploration of the human mind leading to a deeper understanding of what it is to be human.

The Irreducible Mind.

Meditation and the Brain.

Meditation has also produced experiences similar to NDE and entheogenic experiences, but with a very distinct signature that is not the same. Meditation is its own experience and must be experienced to get a deeper comprehension of what is is to be a homo-sapien.

Zen and the Brain book.

Zen and the Brain Video.

UCADIA is the MODEL that describes the paradox.

As you watch these videos and read these books it becomes evident that the homo-sapien is not simply a biological organism that is separate and distinct from creation. Rather the homo-sapien is a paradox. He/She is both unique and intimately connected to the whole of creation. The enlightened homo-sapien no longer conceives of himself or herself as a separate individual, but a milti-dimentional being that is capable of becoming aware of deeper and more profound connections to inner dimensional experiences and integrating them into a limited biological and conceptual model of life. In other words a DREAM.

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