Remedy in law is the redress of injury. It is claimed Ucadian Law offers remedy to those that are competent in Ucadian law. This lesson explores the possible remedies to competent individuals.

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Valuable Property is awaiting your redemption in trust in your name by the Society of One Heaven. Your property is awaiting your Executive Administration. Your property is currently being managed and administered by others and this property is extremely valuable and should belong to you alone. But it currently does not because of your lack of specialized knowledge and education on trust law. The value of the property is the sum total of your life’s work, your right to land and a home, and all the property that has been stolen from you and your family through fraud over the course of your life. The property being held in trust and administered by others is the right to your name, mind, soul, body, land, creativity and the fruits of your creativity and labors. There are 121  property rights awaiting your Executive Administration. If you do not redeem your trust, you will forfeit your rights to use and dispose of your property as you see fit. Others will administer and dispose of your property for you (charging you interest, fees, taxes and penalties along the way) by your implied consent proven by your acquiescence and willing performance under current Western Roman Trust Law. The current status of trust law under the Western Roman Legal System operates by false presumption, implied consent, and the fraudulent conveyance of property into a trust that is rightfully yours. The Society of One Heaven has remedied the fraudulent presumptions of current trust law and has replaced Western Roman Trust Law with the alternative known as UCADIAN Law. In order to redeem your trust and begin to administer your property as the General Executor of your Estate, you must first become competent in UCADIAN Law. Otherwise your property will be administered for you by the Treasury of One Heaven as trustees of your Divine Trust that manage your Estate for you.


In my own words, the Society of One Heaven is the evolution of Homo-Sapien civilization. It is the accumulation of human wisdom and hard earned experience. It is the ending of the structural and systemic causes of tyranny, slavery, corruption and human abuses. It is the end of predatory banking and lending practices. It is the restoration of the Rule of Law. It is the return of competence by the priests, politicians, judges, bankers and lawyers and the restoration of logic, reason and a charity based philosophy as the basis for all laws, rules, economics, faith and spirituality. It is the end of corrupting, destroying, distorting and hiding history. It is the revelation of terrible hidden secrets and a hidden history jealously guarded by the elite classes. It is bringing injustice to account. It is restoring the purpose of society and people. It is ending the lies that have been interwoven into our religions, education, media and science with the intent of enslaving us. It is the end of the Gregorian Calendar ( End Times ) ( December 21st, 2012 ), and the beginning of the Ucadian Calendar ( Beginning Times ). It is exposing the hidden causes of war with the intended result of ending war. And it is above all the restoration of spiritual virtue, character and individual responsibility as the basis for faith and the restoration of the simple universal values shared by all credible faiths, religions, beliefs and philosophies.


The Will and Testament package is about swearing a sacred oath to uphold the Rule of Law. Some people that come to this website may believe that the information presented here is  unlawful, outside the law or is attempting to be above the law. These concerns would be presumptuous. This information and the Will and Testament is only for people committed to the restoration of the Rule of Law. Read Link Below.

This be the First Law of Truth: There is, there was, there has only ever been One Law; All law is equal that no one is above it; All law is measured that all may learn and know it; All law is standard that it may always be applied the same.


A VALID Will and Testament offered by the Society of One-Heaven may save you and your family an enormous amount of money over your life. Below are a list of the areas that currently rob you of your valuable assets and hard earned income.

  1. Income Tax Fraud perpetrated by the Government against the citizens. The information provided on One-Heaven may offer relief through a validly executed Will and Testament. By forming a valid Will you may learn to enjoy protection against taxes that are not lawful. And you may learn that you do not need to endure the intimidation of the Private Bar Guild Courts to defend yourself against an attack from the IRS. You may peacefully be able to protect what is rightfully yours. When the IRS knows you have learned how to properly create a VALID Will and Testament, and they know you have learned how to become a competent defender of the Rule of Law, then they may be less likely to harass or intimidate you or your family. They may themselves learn through your will that THEY may lose their authority and office if they dishonor their oath of office, and they presume to be the general executor of your estate which will render themselves liable as executor de-son-tort. They may also learn their fraudulent claim against your estate may be invalidated in a competent forum or court that is in accord with the Rule of Law and upholds justice. All law abiding people want to support their society, but it is wrong to have so much stolen from you against your will and consent. It is your DUTY to stand with COURAGE and learn how to defend the Rule of Law. Will learning Ucadian Canon Law protect your Estate from fraudulent Government Charges and Claims?
  2. Rent and Interest Fraud may be perpetrated against you by your mortgage company. You will learn what your mortgage company may be doing to charge you fraudulent rent, fees and interest against your estate when you have the right to resist these fraudulent charges by defending your rights under the Rule of Law with your Will and Testament.
  3. Identity Theft Fraud. You may not yet know this, but your country may be racking up outrageous national debts using legal tricks and techniques that are fraudulent and against the Rule of Law. You will learn about secret annuities and how to craft your Will and Testament which may offer some protection to you, your family and your country against large international banksters that are breaking the Rule of Law. Is it your duty as an American to learn how to defend the Rule of Law and protect your estate and your property from this kind of criminal fraud?
  4. Probate Fraud. When you die, most estates are considered intestate, because a VALID Will and Testament has not been crafted by the testator. This allows the courts to enjoy huge profits, because you are not educated in how to protect yourself against this theft. You may learn how to properly draft and comprehend the components of a valid Will and Testament that may allow you to defend your estate from this kind of fraud.


If you are a practicing attorney and a licensed member of the Bar Guild, you may approach this information with a great degree of skepticism. If you conclude the information on these web sites is not VALID LAW, then your judgements may be premature. The accusations made on these web pages are very controversial concerning your membership to the Bar. And the proclamations and pronouncements may seem to be too grandiose without the expected headline news announcing these facts of law. Your prejudicial conclusions may be based on a refusal to read, listen, learn and discern.  IS THIS IS PUBLIC NOTICE.  Your viewing this website and the subsequent links may be proof you have now been made aware of the change of legal status regarding the Bar Guilds. Your doubts may not overcome the overwhelming logic, reason and historical storyline presented on these web pages. Your refusal to read, listen, learn and discern may result in your assuming all liabilities for your behavior if you presume to represent the rule of law without knowledge of UCADIAN LAW and its JURISDICTION.


  1. Is the Voluntatem Et Testamentum a legally valid instrument with force and strength in law as a will and testament?
  2. Are the legal principles of these Canon Laws legally valid and true?
  3. Where does your authority to practice law derive? From Divine instruction, from the bible, from philosophic principles handed down from wise elders, or is the law what ever you decide it to be only to be enforced through ignorance, force and fear?
  4. Should the law be equal, that all are under the law, that no one should be above the law, and should the law should be easy to comprehend and practice? Is anyone within the current Western Roman Legal System above the law?


  • Why do ‘Too Big To Fail’ bank CEO’s get giant bonuses instead of jail time?
  • Why do criminal banking cartels get Government bailouts instead of jail time?
  • Why do corporate CEO’s make millions when the average worker makes peanuts?
  • Why are so many common people in jail but white collar criminals are free?
  • Why are politicians acting so crazy and enacting insane laws?
  • Why are our rights getting taken away with each new act of ‘security‘ legislation?
  • Why is Obama Care such a mess?
  • Why did the Obama Care website cost half a billion when many website design companies have said they could do it better for much less?
  • Why is there no escape from this crazy system of law and governance?
  • Why do we keep going to war or threatening war? Is it really necessary?
  • Why does the economy keep crashing or never seems to get better?
  • Why have religious institutions protected child pedophiles in their ranks?
  • Why does the media lie to us instead of being our watchdog?
  • Why do both parents have to work two or three jobs just to stay alive?

Most people are now becoming aware that there is something fundamentally wrong with the world we live in. The economy seems to crash in regular cycles. The 2008 credit crisis is still impacting our economy. And there is the constant fear there will be a future crash of immense proportion. Politicians are dishonest and self interested and do not represent the people but rather the special interest groups that get them elected. The media seems to be complicit in perpetrating endless news stories designed to deceive the public and misdirect attention from real corruption. The legal system is becoming a lawless free for all that benefits the wealthy, smart, ruthless and well connected and allows white collar criminals and Wall Street Executives to go unpunished. Government officials and crooked banksters seem to enjoy a status that places them above the law, because they never go to jail. Banks get away with endless crimes against the people and politicians lie and commit treason on a nearly daily basis. Special interests, secret societies, banksters, perfidious clergy and corporate cartels have the power to squash any opposition in the pursuit of greed and monopoly. Our cities are going bankrupt and places like Detroit are being bulldozed over, because the city has decayed beyond anarchy and sustainability. The truth movement is revealing buried secrets that are simply too scary for most people to cope with, so they choose to cover their ears and declare it must be a conspiracy theory, because they are too cowardly to stand up for the rule of law. Jobs are being lost; people are losing their homes to foreclosure; welfare is at an all time high; and crazy legislation is making a mess out of every aspect of our allegedly free society.


On this web site, you are going to discover where you can find the answers to many of these questions. But more importantly, you will finally may be able to learn how to end the madness and protect yourself and your family from harm and see the path to prosperity. You may discover many confessions that will not be easy for many people to believe. You may see regret, penance, absolution and forgiveness of debts coming from places of great power and wealth. You may witness great acts of forgiveness and healing. You may see the beginning of the end of endless wars. But most important of all, you may be given the solution to these problems and an offer of extraordinary grace. You need only consider and then accept the gift being offered to you. For some, this educational journey may be a very painful awakening. For others, it will be a validation of their desire for a more honest and compassionate world. For some, they will fail to see the significance of this educational opportunity and will not read these pages carefully over the next few years. And for still others, they will be far too arrogant, ignoble and greedy to give up the madness and accept this unique and timely gift, because they are in a position to profit from the madness.


This may seem preposterous until you read the incredible history revealed on these web sites and web pages. You may discover that slavery never ended, it may have only been transformed from involuntary illegal slavery into legal slavery by birth certificates, implied consent and mind influence. Even when people become aware of the incredible evil history that has lead to our current circumstances, many people will refuse to believe, because they are afraid, lazy, stupid, cowardly or are benefiting from the system of legalized slavery.


There is only one way to discover if these evil revelations and the promises contained in the Covenant of One Heaven are true. You need to become educated in the UCADIAN Rule of Law and learn how you may be able to defend yourself and your family against fraud at every level. This requires a willingness to read, study and contemplate the many issues discussed on these pages.


Yes it does. But the rabbit hole is deep and complex. And the monsters that lurk down the rabbit hole are scary and self interested with a great deal to lose if their crimes are exposed to the light of day. That is why it is necessary for honorable people to courageously stand up for the rule of law. How did we get here? Follow this link to see a timeline that gives some insight.


There may be a solution. But the solution may require you to become educated in Ucadian law. And the solution may require each and every honorable person to become aware of buried secrets that are very scary and hard to believe and to be willing to stand up for what is right, honest and just. If large numbers of people cling to ignorance, prejudice and cowardice before they investigate this information in depth, then there is no hope. Specialized knowledge and applied skill shall set you free. You will need to read, learn and comprehend. Then the solution to the problems that plague the world may become more clear for you. You may discover the solution is easier that you expected. The difficulty may be in unraveling your mind from the lies, deceit and treachery that have been forced upon you since you were born. Reading a true crime novel can often be very disturbing, especially when you are one of the main characters who has been the victim of a crime you did not know or understand.


The Society of One-Heaven and UCADIA is claimed to be the future-life-concepts for a new model of society on this Earth. It claims to be about Restoring the Rule of Law. It appears to be about ending corruption in Government, Banking and the Economy. It is an applied system that appears able to prevent identity theft and fraud with 100% effectiveness without monthly fees to some identity theft company. It claims to be about stopping once and for all the endless increases in corrupt taxation that is a crime against the Constitution of America. It claims to be about a system that will bring an end to the abuses of the IRS without having to risk your freedom defending yourself against this bully. It claims to be about helping people defend themselves and their families against the crimes and corruption that is now running rampant in our society. It claims to be about ending the insane inflation of our currency and bringing an end to government officials adding to our national debt. It appears to be a group of systems for the proper functioning of society. It is an incredible, free education for anyone who bothers to read and listen. It may be the revelation of a buried and carefully guarded secret history only known to the inner circles of secret elite cults. It may be the revelation of countless lies and a cruel history that has been distorted and buried to conceal the true history of life on this Earth. It may be a way to heal old wounds and end the belief that the Heavens and Earth are perpetually at war. It claims to be the culmination of scripture. It claims to be the culmination of many extraordinary natural cycles that appear to be coming together at once at this remarkable moment in history. It proclaims to be for the free association of people choosing to come together within a defined rule of law that protects the defined rights of its members from those who would abuse justice and the rule of law. It appears to offer extra-ordinary evidence as to the intellectual evolution of the homo-sapien species. It is a collection of a remarkable set of ideas. And finally, it offers a new contract that is merely the genuine expression of an ancient Covenant reborn into our modern world with an incredible history. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Honor, virtue, charity and the golden rule of law need to be restored. One-Heaven may offer a free society for knowledgeable, free people who want to affect that restoration.


If you have been paying attention to the news for the last few years, you will probably have heard people worry that our current economic and political troubles are bringing us closer to some armed revolution, economic collapse and Armageddon. But no one wants that kind of a nightmare to unfold. No one wants to endure civil unrest, riots in the streets or an economic collapse like we have seen in Greece and other parts of the world. The truth is, specialized knowledge and applied wisdom will prevent these things from happening in America. The Society of One-Heaven provides an incredible education that will teach each and every one of us how we will be able to enjoy a peaceful transition into a much happier and much more prosperous way of life without having to endure an armed conflict or experience an economic catastrophe first. If you are willing to read, listen and learn, you will become one of the pioneers who will discover that you don’t need to join some radical political group, nor join some utopian religion, nor get converted into some strange new world order. You won’t need to protest with signs on the street. You just need to learn some history, unplug your mind from the garbage the media peddles, learn about the principles of the rule of law, learn about wills and testaments and have at least a little bit of courage to stand up for what is virtuous, right and honorable. That’s all.


No authority can tell you what is true from what is false. It is up to your discernment to know what is from what is not. UCADIA is a test of your moral character and your intellectual and spiritual ability to see the significance of what you read, hear and learn. No one can tell you what is true. It is up to you alone to determine truth from lies; fact from fiction; and wisdom from falsehood.


The Society of One-Heaven and UCADIA are about good ideas that overcome bad ideas. Nothing more and nothing less. If I were to ask you, does someone have the right to steal your name, take out a credit card using your name, without your knowledge or consent, rack up extremely large charges and then hold you legally responsible and liable for the charges so that no matter how hard you tried, you could not get the courts and a judge to relieve you of your ‘bond‘ to repay that debt? You would obviously say that no one has the right to do that. But what if I told you that a long time ago, someone came up with the IDEA to fund our national debt using this approach. Wouldn’t you agree that is a BAD IDEA? The Society of One-Heaven will educate you on the hidden and secret history of many bad ideas just like this example. But it goes one step further; it provides a relatively easy way to reclaim your name, your identity, your hard earned sweat equity and your right to your inheritance. It will provide you with solutions that will prevent parasites from stealing from you and your family ever again. If the ideas contained within the UCADIA online library do just that, then wouldn’t you agree those are good ideas?


The Society uses several powerful tools to protect you from identity theft, fraud, larceny and economic and governmental treachery. The Covenant of One-Heaven, along with the 22 Canons of law and the 33 codes of law combined with an expertly designed and Divinely Inspired Will and Testament Template provide an unbreakable LOCK AND KEY direct relationship between You and the Divine Creator whereby no one can intervene and steal what is rightfully yours. The Will and Testament and the true Rule of Law under UCADIAN LAW are the tools of incredible power that will free you from the tyranny of others and allow you to enjoy more happiness and prosperity so you can fulfill your life’s purpose, whatever you decide your purpose to be.

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