If you are a lawyer, judge, politician, Government employee, police officer, sheriff, real estate agent or banker, then you may want to read this web page carefully. UCADIAN law has many purposes, but one of its primary purposes is to restore the law by returning the Rule of Law to “We the People”. Steven O’Connell is the author of this website. Steven grew up in a blue collar family and does not have a college education. He has earned a living as a licensed contractor selling his skills as a carpenter, painter, tile setter, roofer and handyman. He has enjoyed two primary hobbies in his spare time. He is an artist that enjoys creating photo-realistic landscape paintings and portraits in his spare time. But his longest standing passion is to use his free time to study philosophy, comparative religion, eastern esoteric philosophy, theology, soteriology, etymology, the science of cosmology, history, ancient archeology and more recently to study the corruption of economics, banking, commerce and trade. After thirty years of study and research he has developed a unique set of ideas that unifies these various fields into a simple cohesive comprehension of the way our current civilization works.

Then one day back in 2010, after enduring the corrosive effects of the 2008 market crash on his occupation, while researching online the history behind government, banking and economics, Steven stumbled across the web site called One-Heaven.org. It wasn’t long before he realized that this was not an ordinary web site, but the most staggering and significant development in the whole of human civilization. The website is claimed to be authored by a single man named Frank O’Collins. But it does not take a rocket scientist to quickly discern the massive size, scope, scale and breadth of the information contained on this website and the complex bundle of sixty associated websites and over a million web pages could not be accomplished by one man. If you do the math, it should quickly dawn on you that it would take about 1900 plus  years working 40-50 hours a week spending just 8 hours per web page over twenty five years to create this matrix of 60 websites and the sophisticated information on them. And the assumption of eight hours to research, write and build each web page is a very low estimate.  If we assume an average of 500 words per web page then it would require a man to type an average of 1500 words per minute. Now of course these figures are just presumptions and casual estimates. It is not possible to know the degree of effort that went into this project, but this simplified example should prove to anyone with half a brain that these associated websites and the extraordinary sophistication of knowledge on them is so far beyond the abilities of one hundred men let alone one man, that it becomes clear that these websites are the result of a massive collective effort of a large population of brilliant men and women working toward a common and virtuous goal called UCADIA, The new Covenant and Canon laws and the Society of One Heaven of Free States of Spirits.

You can choose to believe these websites and the information contained on them are not significant and directly important to your life, but that choice would reveal the ignorance and self-imposed limitations of your intellectual faculties. You can hide your head in the sands of time and hope this goes away and no longer threatens the monopoly of a corrupted law form that you may monetarily benefit from. You can hope and pray most people will be too stupid, distracted and lazy to read and comprehend the information for their own benefit. But deep down you will suspect that eventually this is going to rapidly catch on as people begin to wake up to the solution that will set them free from the madness that currently grips our world. How long will that be? That much is uncertain. But woe to anyone that presumes to represent the law during one of their pirate expeditions, and stumbles across someone that has learned this new law form and is able to defend their Estate from ignoble privateers. Your ignorance and arrogance may very well be your own undoing. This law form is vastly superior in strength and power when correctly practiced by a humble and virtuous mendicant. UCADIAN Law will profoundly shift the balance of power to the mendicant and will transfer great risk and liability to any lawyer, judge, banker or other that seeks to injure the rule of law for profit and gain. Beware all those that have become habituated to abusing and usurping the true rule of law for fun and profit. Your greed and gluttony will eventually be your undoing. Your hold on power and monopoly is now at an end.

Within the pages of this website you will be shown that it is very possible for an uneducated blue collar construction worker to become very knowledgeable and proficient in matters of law. You will be shown that the purpose of One Heaven has been fulfilled and that the balance of power has now shifted to those with a humble spirit, sincere respect for the Rule of Law and an honest and noble purpose. The day has come when the corruptions of the law, banking, wall street, and government are coming to an end. And it will be the humble servants of true justice that carry the burden and courageously transform our world into a Heaven on Earth as a result of their competent, virtuous behavior and self-discipline.

Let then this website serve another purpose. To prove to any and all that the Rule of Law is for everyone. That justice is for everyone. That Heaven is your birthright. And you have a right to the fruits of your own labors and creativity and the right to defend yourself and your family against the private monopoly of organized crime cartels masquerading as legitimate public governments, banks and representatives of the law. Let this website prove the power of the Rule of Law is in your grasp at last.