Debt Based Economy

Lesson #2.


The purpose of this lesson is to get an over view of how the modern economic system operates. Although the videos provided below for context are themselves incomplete and often in error, they provide a primer on the basics of the American Economic System unknown to most people. Most people do not know how the economy really works, but rather most people harbor inaccurate beliefs about how our economy works. This lesson is designed to shake loose many unrealistic beliefs so that the student of Ucadian Canon Law can begin to re-examine the real foundations of our economic system.


You may believe our Government is an honorable public institution of the people, by the people and for the people. The sad truth is, the American Government may have been usurped by an organized crime cabal over a very very long time. Our job is to determine what is true about history and our Government. Any form of money or currency can only operate as long as we have trust in one another to perform our obligations and confidence in our ability to exchange value in such a way that we are not deceived and our stored value is not stolen from us. If our entire economic system is based on a treasonous fraud, then in time the fraud will run its course and the economy will collapse. The question you must ask, is our economy a fraud and have we been deceived by an elaborate confidence game of enormous scale?


Begin By Watching These Videos About Money.

BUT BEWARE! These videos have their own conclusions and present their own agenda and solutions. The flaws of these solutions and agenda are evident in the videos themselves, but we will discuss the fatal flaws in these solutions below. The important part is this, these videos do a great job simplifying the complex concepts that underpin our entire economic system. In just a few short hours, you should have a quick comprehension of what is wrong with our economy.


Yes it has. In the case of First National Bank vrs. Jerome Daly, the Jury and the Judge found that the bank did not have the right to foreclose. This was all the back in 1968! Read this article on this case and you will begin to discover a hidden secret about the economy unknown to most people.

Montgomery Bank vrs. Jerome Daly.


Financial Tyranny by David Wilcox is another book that examines many secrets about the economy that are unknown to most people. Read this online book to begin to unravel many old presumptions about the global economy.

Financial Tyranny, By David Willcocks


Although these videos are nothing more than a shill for gold investing, they provide a good alternative education into the hidden secrets of the American Economy. But what evades the intellect of this gold huckster, is that if gold was such a great store of value, why can people make a fortune shorting the Gold Market? If Gold was a great store of value, then it should never drop in price or value, nor should it be a market as easily manipulated as paper currency by large hidden stores of Gold that can be injected into the market at opportune moments to drop the price so inside traders can make a fortune shorting gold. So watch these videos for the education, not for the sales pitch.

Visit Hidden Secrets Of Money Web Site Here.




If the banks do not figure out how to get you to take out an endless number of loans and credit card debt, the economy will collapse. Sadly, in our economy, DEBT IS THE LIFE BLOOD OF OUR ECONOMY. Without massive ever increasing debt, our economy crashes and dies. This is why the Federal Reserve FEARS a DEFLATIONARY CYCLE more than any other economic stress. That is why they print massive amounts of electronic capital and buy and sell massive amounts of Government bonds during recessive cycles and why we do not see runaway inflation during these economic collapse events. The only problem is, eventually people and businesses stop believing they can pay off all their debts, at that point people and businesses stop taking on new debt. That is the beginning of the end for our economy. So they need to find more clever ways to get us to take on debt. When you watch the next video, ask your self, what is the permanent solution to the debt crisis?


Many believe the solution to our economic woes is to return to the gold standard. The following arguments are presented to demonstrate that Gold can no longer be used to underwrite the valuation of currencies. In fact, TRUST is the only real capital that rests on  the full faith and credit of individuals to abide by their sacred oath to repay their debts or perform the obligations defined in their agreements, charters, and contracts.

Why can’t Gold and Silver be used to underwrite our currencies?

  1. Gold is heavy, bulky and hard to transport. Therefore, people will use gold to underwrite paper IOU’s or electronic currency that they will exchange instead of the bulky gold. This very real problem gave us the modern banking and accounting system from the times of the Venetian banking systems. This will result in the problems listed below.
  2. Hidden stashes of gold can be flooded into the market at opportune moments to collapse the price market and allow those ‘in the know’ to short gold, allowing them to then buy back the gold at very depressed prices further increasing their wealth. This is the chaotic state of our current economy. Nation States are being held hostage by large hidden reserves of gold by nefarious actors.
  3. Paper IOU’s can be subject to fraud. You can sell several IOU’s for the same ounce of gold, creating a paper IOU to gold fractional ratio. When there is a run on the gold and people or nations want there paper redeemed for gold all at the same time ( a short squeeze ), then you have a massive collapse of the economy.
  4. Paper can always be subject to counterfeit reproduction.
  5. There will always be a need for a central exchange which places a great deal of concentrated power in the hands of a few people. And as we know, power corrupts because people are weak and fall prey to temptations of greed and power.
  6. Gold can be stolen by individuals, groups or states and economies can then be influenced with the purchasing power it affords.
  7. Gold mines can be conquered.
  8. Gold can be diluted and fictionalized causing systemic risk and causing gold to be less fungible as a standard measure of value because people cannot know the purity of gold on the street.
  9. Gold can be horded and then used by individuals to conquer states by flooding the market with huge reserves of gold at a strategic moments.
  10. The amount of gold in circulation cannot keep up with the growth in the economy of goods and services, so there is a smaller and smaller amount of gold in ratio to the amount of goods and services in circulation. This causes the price of gold to rise. Therefore gold is not a stable measure of price.
  11. In times of great ecomomic upheaval, pure gold will be traded at the same value as impure gold because street exchangers do not have the tools to determine gold purity on the streets. Therefore gold looses its fungible standard store of value.
  12. Gold does not in itself offer food, shelter, medicine, skilled labor, valuable or security. Therefore during times of extreme societal distress and crisis, at these times gold loses its value relative to tangible assets of immediate life sustaining value.
  13. Gold cannot be easily exchanged if the entire banking and medium of exchange system break down and collapses because most people are not educated in the exchange rate of gold. Because rules for economic exchange are a form of knowledge, if you do not have the structures in place whereby knowledgeable people exchange gold for tangible goods, then the entire structure of trust breaks down and gold then becomes a worthless medium of exchange and only had value as a base metal commodity that only has value relative to its metallic properties.
  14. CONCLUSIONS. Gold cannot ever be a medium of money that is immune from all the problems we have witnessed over the last several thousand years. GOLD IS NOT THE SOLUTION, it will merely perpetuate the economic problems we currently face.


  1. The electronic solution needs rules. If there are no rules, then fraud will over run the system.
  2. There must be a system of enforcing the rules. With no enforcement, the system will be over run with fraud and theft.
  3. The electronic solution needs oversight. But if individuals cannot see into the core of the system, then the system can once again be manipulated. Each individual needs to have control of the master register or the system will be abused by those entrusted with great power over the system.
  4. The entire electronic system will be based on trust. If each individual does not comprehend trust law, its origin, rules, practice and implementation then once again the system will be subject to fraud and abuse by those in power.
  5. Identity theft will plaque any electronic system. If the problems associated with identity theft are not solved, then the system will once again fall prey to fraud and abuse.
  6. CONCLUSION. Until these problems are solved, electronic methods of monetary transfer and exchange cannot result in a society free from fraud, theft and abuse.

QUESTION? s the society of One-Heaven and UCADIA the solution?

You will need to become educated in this model to discover the answer to this question. You cannot wait around for someone else to figure that out for you. THe solution to these economic crisis we currently face are to be found in knowledge of the past and wisdom that will lead us into the future. If you do not read, listen and learn you will only hasten the day when the world economy collapses and we are all plunged into the very real and tangibly close time we call Armageddon. TIME IS RUNNING OUT. It is time to act. YOU NEED TO GET EDUCATED FAST!


We have entered a period of time that is near a series of events of extraordinary proportion and nightmarish consequence. The one thing above all other things that will be the most valuable  commodity is knowledge and more importantly wisdom. The skilled mind and the knowledge it contains will be the most precious resource for rebuilding civilization. And if civilization is not quickly restored, then the vast majority of people in this world may not survive the stress of the collapse of a world economy on this scale.



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