Question. Why should I believe Ucadian Canon Law is Real Law?

Answer. Because it is a superior legal argument to all other legal arguments currently in existence. No other body of law, no other sacred scripture, no other scientific principles, no other philosophy, no other theology, no other cosmology comes together in a more coherent, logical, rational, reasonable, cohesive, moral, ethical, virtuous, righteous body of law on earth. Therefore, unless it is challenged and rebutted with a superior legal argument, IT STANDS AS THE RULE OF LAW. That means, if you object to being declared a member of the Society of One Heaven, if you object to the necessity of obeying Ucadian Canon Law, then you will need to rebut the entire one million page argument, all the sacred scriptures, the seven scientific patents, the academic and archeological research and evidence into the history of civilization, philosophy, law and religion, the etymology of the lexica, you must refute the philosophic and legal principles, you must rebut the arguments of Divine Consent and Jurisdiction embedded within the Canons of Law, you must refute the principles that validate a Divine, True and Superior trust, you must develop a superior measurement of time and astrological bodies and cycles, and you must introduce another law form of greater elegance and completeness. If you cannot accomplish this, then you must accept Ucadian Law as the TRUE RULE OF LAW. If you fail to rebut or refute the argument both orally and in writing to the highest court, and you refuse to become competent in Ucadian Law, then your Divine Trust and personal property will be administered for you and you will demonstrate you are an incompetent WARD of the State. In other words, you will demonstrate by your acquiescence, frivolous distraction, inability to recognize the significant, your inability to formulate a coherent rational argument, your laziness, your unwillingness to read and sustain a rational train of thought over several years, your gullibility and your ignorance that you are still a child and the Trustees of the Treasury of One Heaven and the State must step in to be your parent and administer your Divine Trust and Property for you.

Question. Why should I waste my time learning Ucadian Canon Law?

Answer. Because you have been lied to. Because you have been deceived. Because the world you think you know is nothing like the world as it really is. Because what you think you know about law, religion, banking and civilization you know not. Because you have been Conned by the most elaborate, complex, wicked and devious Con-Game in the history of Civilization. Because you have been brainwashed. Because your mind has been enslaved by fear, confusion and concealment of the truth. Because our soul has been hijacked by wicked sorcerers masquerading as holy men. Because your hard earned money is being fraudulently taken from you an a daily basis by deviant Con-Artists. Because your mind, body and soul has been fraudulently claimed by Con-Artists and you don’t even know it. Because your society and Government has been has been hijacked and infiltrated by treacherous villains and treasonous traitors intent on their wicked agenda of subversion, theft and dictatorial control. Because your Government is populated by incompetent, greedy, self-interested fools. Because the media you depend on for impartial news has been hijacked by the same nefarious villains that tell you everything but the truth. Because your society is crumbling around you because this Con-Game is in its final hours and the tricksters are being revealed. If you don’t learn Ucadian Canon Law, then you consent to tyranny and condemn your family and children to a hellish world of slavery Governed by wicked dishonorable people. That is why you need to learn Ucadian Canon Law. Can it be any more clear?

Question. What is the main purpose of Ucadian Canon Law?

Answer. The primary purpose of Ucadian Canon Law is TO PREVENT FRAUD, DISHONOR AND IDENTITY THEFT. That is it in a nut shell. If you learn Ucadian Canon Law you will learn the most powerful ingenious law form ever devised to prevent fraud and identity theft. Fraud and identity theft will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime if you don’t learn how to defend yourself. That alone makes it worth your time to learn this law form. Honor and competence in the rule of law are your only defense against tyranny.

Question. What do I have to gain by learning Ucadian Law? What it is worth?

Answer. Three of the biggest gains you can enjoy is learning to defend yourself against tax fraud,  mortgage fraud and credit fraud which is worth tens of thousand if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Because of fear training and image training, most people will have an extremely hard time getting over this hurdle. Until you learn the mechanics of the fraud committed against our country by extremely crafty organized criminals and Banksters over the decades and centuries, you will fail to believe a fraud of this scale is being committed against the American people. But if you do learn the truth, then you will discover how to protect yourself against out of control Government bureaucrats and Big Banks that are breaking the law and committing fraud on a daily basis. And only YOU can stop them and defend yourself against fraud. No one else can do this for you. Learn to use the True Rule of Law to hold these criminals accountable and you will enjoy substantial monetary gains when you learn to protect your personal wealth and assets from fraudsters and Con-Artists.

Question. If Ucadian Law is the new Holy See, why isn’t the Society of One Heaven mentioned by the Pope or mentioned on the Vatican website?

Answer. Because the institution of the Catholic Church and the Universal Christian Church is legally inferior to the flesh and blood members of the Society of One Heaven which includes all people on earth. Frank O’Collins was the first highest Sovereign Authority on planet earth when he established the Society of One Heaven. Now every man and woman that honorably accepts the reality of their Divine Trust and Divine Person recognizes they too are equally of the highest Sovereign authority. The Vatican and the office of Pope are legally inferior persons and offices relative to the office of man or woman. Therefore the Vatican and the Pope have no business publishing any material that is the private property of a man or woman. It is this fact that most people will have a hard time reconciling because they have been trained since birth to look up to some higher authority. This is no more. We are all equal members of the Society of One Heaven and we all have equal legal standing and authority as long as we remain in honor to the Rule of Law. If the Vatican or the Pope Mentioned the Society of One Heaven or Ucadian Canon Law beyond the publication on the internet, it would retard the growth and maturity of each individual to recognize their equal station in life.

Question. If all this is true, why aren’t the authorities doing something to stop the fraud, corruption and crimes?

Answer. Because YOU are the Authority concerning matters of your soul, person, rights and property. No one else has the right to rebut or refute a fraudulent claim against you and your estate. YOU are the highest authority concerning your affairs. It is an absurdity to believe it is up to someone else to be responsible and defend your property and your rights against fraud. No one but you has any interest in your matters. No one has anything to gain from protecting your property against fraud. Besides, there are too many fraudsters for any central authority to control anyway. And that has been the problem that caused this mess to begin with. Too many people abdicated their personal responsibility to some perceived higher  authority. These higher authorities are not good people. They will keep stealing from you as long as you let them by refusing to learn how to defend yourself against fraud by reclaiming YOUR Authority.

Question. Why isn’t the Society of One Heaven doing anything to save me?

Answer. Because as a member it is expected that you are an adult capable of taking care of yourself. The Society is about personal responsibility. It is about developing an ability to think logically and behave honorably. The instructions are given you but it is up to your own motivation and effort to read, learn, discern and act on the information responsibly when you are competent in its use.

Question. How do I know this information wont get me in trouble with the law?

Answer. If you don’t know the answer to this question, then you are not ready to proceed and defend yourself. The truth is YOU ARE THE LAW when you behave honorably in accord with the True Rule of Law. This is something you should already know intuitively by way of common sense. Just because someone has been elected or appointed to a government office, Just because someone wears a black robe and sits on a bench, just because someone wears a badge, just because someone has a law degree and law license DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE BEHAVING LAWFULLY!!!  Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Bankers, Sheriffs  and Police Officers break the True Rule of Law all the time. YOU must be the true defenders of the law!!!  Because we have all been brainwashed since childhood, for some it may take years to over come this conditioning, brainwashing and fear training. Only when you know for certain that YOU are the highest authority over your affairs and property, then you will know it is time to send notices to let Government agencies know that you have occupied the office of General Executor and YOU are the true honorable representative of the True Rule of Law. NOT THEM! If you don’t know what it means to occupy the office of General Executor and you are afraid that only a Government official or administrator has the right to claim the office of General Executor, then you are still operating from a position of fear, incompetence and ignorance. The simple fact is, we have all been conned by the biggest con-game in the history of civilization. What is currently happening with big banks, Government malfeasance, and mortgage and foreclosure fraud is truly criminal. The only defense is that every individual needs to become competent in the true rule of law, and not be tricked by the fraudulent con-game currently masquerading as the law, banking and Governance.

Question. What is the fundamental mechanism for defending myself against fraud?

Answer. First, the Ucadian Canon Laws of the Society of One Heaven were very carefully designed to make you aware of the True Rule of Law compared to the con-game we are currently suffering under. Only when you learn the True Rule of Law and compare it to the fraudulent con-game called Western Roman Law that currently operates in America, will you be able to discern what is wrong with the law, Government and Big Banks. Second, when you learn the principles of law, you will then learn how to reclaim what is rightfully yours with proper procedures that establish your superior claim of right over your soul, body, name and property. You will do this with a valid Will and Testament and Great Charter and appointment of a Minister General. Third, you will then send out notices to government agencies  and banks informing them of your change in status as a member of The Society of One Heaven. Finally, anyone from the Government or a Bank that demands payment, taxes, fees from you will have to prove their claim. THEY WILL FAIL TO ACCOMPLISH A VALID CLAIM AGAINST YOU AND YOUR ESTATE. They will be unable to begin a legal action in the first place because they lack valid cause and they lack the authority to bring a valid claim. Only when someone has a valid and perfected claim do you owe anyone money, otherwise it is fraud. You throw the ball back in their court and they will be unable to return it. This is the power of knowledge. This is how you will defend yourself against fraud no matter who is committing the fraud, Government officials, Banks or otherwise.

Question. What if they throw me in jail anyway?

Answer. In order to throw you in jail there needs to be a valid cause of action in law and the matter needs to be heard in a competent forum of law where jurisdiction has been perfected. When you become competent in Ucadian Canon Law and establish your Superior Estate through a Will and Testament, Great Charter, Appointment of a Minister General, and register your property in your Maner Rolls, then they will not be able to perfect jurisdiction, nor will they be able to establish a cause of action, nor will they be able to perfect a valid claim. That means no action in law can begin in the first place. You will ask questions about their claims of debt and jurisdiction that they cannot answer. But if you do not learn the principles of law and do not get your matters and paperwork in order, you will not know how to defend yourself, which means you may cave in and allow someone else to Con you into believing you have broke the law and you owe them money and you are under their jurisdiction. This is the definition of incompetence. The only way to defeat a Con-Artist is to catch them at their Con-Game. That is why you need to carefully learn Ucadian Canon Law so you will know with certainty how to defend yourself against fraud from out of control Government officials,  Big Banks and law professionals that want to make money by abusing ignorant, fearful and uninformed people. Ucadian Law was designed by Genius Law Professionals ( Revelations from The Divine Creator ) that have created and revealed a clear remedy against fraud, but it is up to you to learn how to use it.