Lesson #1.

What is UCADIA?

This lesson provides a quick overview so you can more quickly get an idea of the size scope and scale of the UCADIA model. This page is intended to capture your interest and curiosity so you will continue to read, listen, learn and discern.

What is the Purpose of UCADIAN Law and One-Heaven?

Although the purpose of Ucadia and the Society of One Heaven is broad in its size, scope and scale, it is possible to quickly boil it down and get right to the most valuable points.

  • Throughout history there have been separate and distinct classes and caste systems that divide people between the higher, middle and lower classes of society.
  • Those on the lower rung of the societal ladder have been slaves or bonded servants.
  • The upper classes most often achieve their status through family blood rights, the inheritance of great wealth, competitive treachery, treason, murder to gain access to the levers of power, ruthlessness to gain access access to powerful secret knowledge and technology jealously guarded and theft to gain control of horded treasures.  Once power and wealth is secured they then have the ability to find, initiate, hire and educate the brightest minds and talent available from the higher, middle and lower classes to hire skilled mercenaries and agents to insure their maintenance of power, wealth and status.
  • The primary problem of this system of Monarchy or Oligarchy is that often the brightest minds and talent are few in number and they also have tended to create their own competitive dynasties and dictatorships when they gain access to the keys of power and resulting wealth and enrichment. This creates the problem of new family dynasties rising to power. Many of whom are not virtuous and humble servants.
  • The second problem of this system is that the under class eventually tires of the hard slave labor and abuses and grow weary of supporting the unjust enrichment of the upper classes, their abuse of power and monopoly of resources, trade and false capital. This results in bloody revolutions and the upper classes are often dragged into the streets and their palaces burned to the ground and civilization crumbles under the destructive frenzy of war. The worst case modern scenario is catastrophic global war. The slaves and servants ultimately pay the highest price because the society they depend upon is thrust back into the stone age by these parasites that caused the problems in the first place. The parasites often have the wealth and resources to flee and are reborn elsewhere.
  • The various solutions to the problem of revolution and revolt that have been brain stormed by the parasites and powerful elite priests, kings and banking classes have included castration, celibacy, bizarre cult initiation rituals, blood libel, remedies of Chancery, the surveillance based police states, top secret inner temple fraternities, various forms of extortion, the vast military industrial complex, economic warfare and monetary terrorism, mind control, sorcery, temptations and bribery. These elite puppet masters insure that their underlings and power hungry competitors fail to succeed at a coup through the creation of lethal fail safe strategies for those that choose to rise to positions of great power. The puppet masters orchestrate their underlings rise to power and wealth by way of terrible sins and crimes against humanity so they can be extorted through humiliation and the fear of being exposed to the wrath of the lower classes, the fear of their property being confiscated and the fear they will be brutally murdered and their entire family erased from history as a warning and lesson to others that entertain similar arrogant aspirations to Dynasty. See Saddam Hussein.
  • But the one problem above all problems is the problem of revolution caused by a fundamental loss of trust and resulting anger by the lower classes of bonded servants and slaves. The resulting break down in society can produce bloodshed and riots on such a large scale the the few in power along with their paid mercenaries and enforcement officers cannot withstand the revolutionary tidal waves and degradation of society. Even the paid mercenaries turn on them when the winds of war begin to blow in the direction of revolt.
  • Therefore a solution has long been sought to these various problems. The solution must include a remedy for the middle and lower classes against the injuries of those in power to stem the tide of revolt. It must also include a way to discover the brightest minds and most honorable of character to be entrusted with the levers of power. This has been an exceptional problem because those in power often achieve their power through the worst criminal strategies ever conceived. And as a result only the worst of wolves and morally bankrupt characters rise within the halls of power. This creates an inevitable deterioration and cancer within the elite ruling classes. The people from the lower and middle classes that have an honest and virtuous character will have nothing to do with those in power. So as generations pass, inevitably the halls of power become so corrupt and mismanaged by incompetent, entitled, vile, treacherous greedy whores that the system itself collapses and a catastrophic revolutionary war results.
  • Therefore there has been a cycle of societies rising, flowering, decaying and collapsing into bloody revolt. And then the cycle repeats itself. We are at a point of revolt in the current modern cycle. We are witnessing the accelerated decline into Armageddon on a global scale.
  • BUT, this modern cycle is different. Information technology that forms the backbone of the police state is also informing the public on a massive scale. Plus the homo-sapien race appears to becoming more intelligent and aware of the lies and treachery on an exponential learning curve leading to mass enlightenment. Their is now a conflict within the halls of power themselves between the old guards of the parasitic elite and the new guards of genuinely concerned leaders that want to end this cycle and put humanity on an extraordinary path to freedom and enlightened evolution.
  • It appears the proposed solution is the Society of One Heaven and UCADIA. But it has four Achilles heels. COMPETENCE AND VIRTUE, FEAR AND DISTRUST. The leading individuals that must implement this plan from all classes of society must have the courage, be willing to exert the effort, educate themselves and behave with honor and virtue for the recovery of the Rule of Law. Getting the average person off the couch and pull them away from their addictions long enough to challenge the parasites within the ruling class is not an easy task. Plus the peoples distrust of everyone and everything has lead to a pervasive fear of any top down solution and a diffusion of collective focus. Therefore our society may decline into chaos unless enough good people educate them selves and execute their solemn duty to defend themselves and their family peacefully with honor.
  • The Society of One Heaven appears to offers anyone from the lowest rung of society to the highest rung of society a way to demonstrate they have with it takes to be entrusted with the halls of power being the management of their individual Estates and public offices. Systems of INITIATION have been around from the beginning of time. But this time around UCADIA  offers acceptance into an open Society of the highest legal status to those that can demonstrate competence and virtue above all else. Only then will they be welcomed into a powerful legal system capable of defending them from pirates and privateers. Those that demonstrate humility, charity, intelligence, character, virtue, fiduciary responsibility, willingness to swear a sacred oath, rejection of false doctrine and a desire to heal our world will learn the deepest secrets of power, a secret and guarded history and be able to use that power to defend themselves and their families against even the mightiest of wealthy adversaries, as long as they remain in honor.
  • It appears that individuals willing to achieve this feat may be welcomed into a society that is legally untouchable by pirates and privateers masquerading as Government, Bankers, Judges, Lawyers and public officials entrusted with valuable public trusts and private property. The question for each individual is this. Is the Society of One Heaven a legitimate solution to our global and local problems and is the information presented true and accurate? That is the challenge of any proposed solution at this point in history.

An Overview Of The Matrix Of Web Sites.

Below you will find a series of links that will bring you to the many websites that support the Ucadian Legal Argument. Please follow each of the links and begin to get a feel for the size, scope and scale of the entire Ucadian Legal Model.


UCADIA comes with a series of instructions that are difficult to extract from the mountain of information available. It is hard to know what it all is for. There is no master instruction chart detailing a step by step series of instructions in what to do with all of the information. This makes UCADIA a formidable challenge and a puzzle where the overall picture is not clear. You must be willing to read several thousand very long and complex web pages and listen to hundreds of hours of audio to start to get an idea of the solutions and benefits being offered. Below is a link to a blog article that provides a quick oversight to the purpose behind UCADIA.

A Quick Start Guide To UCADIA.

Before You Dive In , Please Read The Following Links.

Is UCADIA Some Kind Of A Cult?

Many people accuse the Society of One-Heaven and UCADIA of being a religious cult or a new world religion that will be imposed on all of us against our free will and consent. A logical and reasonable individual able to demonstrate a coherent cognitive ability to formulate a logical argument will quickly discover this is not the case. But that is not something another can answer for you. You must decide for yourself. Your opinion is the only opinion that truly matters to your future. You have to discover for yourself just what a cult is, what a cult is not, and how to avoid getting ensnared within a cult that is harmful to you, your family and your descendants. The Society of One-Heaven is designed to provide a free education to liberate people from becoming ensnared into a deluded and harmful belief system. As a member of the Society of One-Heaven, it is a breach of your sacred oath to the society to attempt to injure the mind of another with techniques of mind manipulation or mind molestation. Each member must first free his mind from false doctrine, then he must take a sacred oath to renounce all false doctrines. Then, in order to remain in honor with the society and to remain in a sacred office of authority, he must refrain from any and all mind manipulations. Below are a few links to the definition of key words concerning CULTS.

Definition of a Cult.

Definition of a Religion.

Definition of a Cretin.

Definition of a Cultor.

Definition of a Fanatic.


UCADIA contains many symbols from history, religion, secret societies and fraternities that have been around for centuries. There is a simple reason for this. Many of the symbols associated with these clubs are simply the corporate logos of private fraternity groups. Some of these groups have a history of doing charitable work, and many of these groups have also been responsible for corrupt behavior.  Therefore, some of these symbols can be likened to the tattoos and graffiti of criminals, gangs and organized crime cartels. The Society of One Heaven has absorbed and conveyed all of these symbols for one simple reason. These symbols can no longer be used as scary emblems for criminal gangs disguising themselves as religious orders, governments or charitable organizations. Their power has been removed. It would be like taking away the patches on the leather jackets of a group of criminal biker gangs. They don’t get to wear their colors any more. So if you think that the use of these symbols represents some kind of nefarious new world order conspiracy, then take the time to read the secret history behind these symbols. And then read how these symbols no longer have any power, and the gangs have been stripped of their mystique.

Spells and Curses

These Occult Symbols cannot be used for mind influence anymore.

Occult Symbols and their Magic are a fraud and are not permitted.

UCADIA has its own language so that language cannot be corrupted anymore.

UCADIA has its own universal scientific language as well.


Western Roman Law has its provenance in ROME and the KEYS to all Western Law is in LATIN. Therefore, if you are going to create a new law form, then you need a new language that cannot be corrupted so as to provide the KEYS to the concepts and ideas underpinning the Rule Of Law. Unbeknownst to many, our Western Roman Law is a Private Occult Law Form that cannot be clearly understood unless you have the secret KEYS to the true meaning of the words. The Keys or a Cipher are needed to unlock the hidden or encoded true meaning CONCEALED  within the common usage of the legal lexicon. That is why the Vatican courtyard has been likened to a giant key hole. Rome had held the keys to Heaven and Earth for several hundred years. The Society of One-Heaven now holds the KEYS to Heaven and Earth united as one. No longer are the sacramental KEYS to the knowledge of emancipation and prosperity hidden nor are they disguised with two tongued, double meanings. All definitions and terminology in the lexica of One-Heaven is available for anyone to read, discern and use. And the incorruptible UCADIAN Language System is available online for anyone to read and learn.


Yes, learn how to protect your hard earned assets from parasites and banksters.

If you choose to be courageous, and stand for the rule of law with the tools that are given you, then you have a right to keep property that is rightfully yours and have returned to you property that has been stolen from you that is worth the product of your hard work and energy.  BUT, learning how to read the map that leads you to the recognition that the treasure you seek is already rightfully yours will be very hard to do. Perhaps it is difficult because the history and mental training we have all inherited must be unraveled before we can even start to believe we can save a fortune in fees, taxes, fraudulent rent and interest on debt by learning this information. We have been taught to be afraid by the news that shows people getting taken to jail and even murdered for daring to stand up for the rule of law, honor and virtue. We have been taught through movies that the system is corrupt, and when it gets down to the wire, the story reveals the judge has been bought off. We are taught we will lose our jobs if we dare resist tyranny. This is mind manipulation. It was not an accident. It is the reason for your fear. The time has come to stand up for what is right. It s time to restore the law so good honorable people are the winners in the game. If you do not stand, then the world your children inherit will crumble into chaos. IT IS YOUR DUTY, AND YOU WILL GET HELP TO THE DEGREE YOU HELP OTHERS. Yes, it is financially worth it to take this journey; more than you could ever know right now. However, before long, if you are an honorable person, you will begin to discover the importance of the Society of One-Heaven, the Covenant and the restoration of the Rule of Law are much greater than just financial gain. It is truly to restore our world to a balance.



The links to the websites below will give you a quick idea of the size, scope and scale of UCADIA and the Society of One-Heaven. The main websites are the primary sites where the main foundation of UCADIA rests.

One-Heaven Web Site



One-Evil Web Site

University of UCADIA


You can listen to several hundred hours of talk radio found at Talk Shoe. You will be able to access archived radio conversations Frank O’Collins has had with many people who have called in and have asked many of the same questions you may have about UCADIA and the Society of One-Heaven. If you have questions, many of the same questions you have have also been asked by others. You can hear people asking many tough and detailed questions about the validity and practical utility of the entire UCADIA Model. Before you simply discard this as some form of global conspiracy to take over the world, you should listen to what others have asked before you make any prejudgment.

UCADIA Talk Radio on Talk Shoe.

Two People Talk About Their Personal Experiences When They Discovered UCADIA.

UCADIA Finacial System

The UCADIA financial system is a global economic model based on the science of money. There are several core causes to the economic malaise our world currently faces. If people do not become educated soon, the consequences could be disastrous. This economic system is nearly in place, but when it comes online, it will require everyone from the ground level up to bring it to life. That is perhaps one of the most important reasons for beginning your education now. You may not have enough spare time to read, learn and comprehend several thousand pages of information should our world come down to the wire. People need to begin to prepare for what will come. We just don’t know exactly when.

UCADIA Finacial System PDF.


The Globe Union web sites are still in the process of being updated and completed. The UCADIA project is immense, enormous, time consuming and costly. Visit each of these sites to get a feel for the scope and scale of the global community that is being completed. Before you prejudge and become worried that this is some nefarious New World Order, you should read the section in the covenant on (Your Rights found here, and here) and (The Rule of Law found here  and here) before you make your judgements.

Globe Union

Africans Union

Americas Union

Asia Union

Arabian Union

Euro Union

Oceanic Union


United America

United Canada

United Korea

One Ireland

United Australia

One Jerusalem

United China


The UCADIAN Supreme Financial System is an actual real world financial system model designed to replace our current corrupted, debt based economy and monetary system with a credit based economy and monetary system. You should first visit and read about the Supreme Financial System web sites, read the Charters and also learn about what is wrong with the current system by watching a few videos found here. You will quickly discover what is wrong with the current debt based system and why it will need to be replaced.


Emergency Capital Deposit Program To Prevent Global Economic Collapse

Globe Union Reserve Banks

Africans Union Bank

Arabian Union Bank

Americas Union Bank

Asia Union Bank

Oceanic Union Bank


The UCADIAN Supreme Courts are designed to RESTORE THE RULE OF LAW. This implies that there is something broken with our current legal system. It is not easy to learn what is wrong with our current legal system. It requires an extensive and time consuming education and a willingness to unlearn a life time of imaging, brainwashing and mind influence that has been purposefully designed to cause us to fear the government, to be afraid of nefarious secret high cabals and to fear the legal system and be unable to find remedy in law. It has been designed to offer no way out. You must first be willing to read and learn at great length the hidden history of law that most of us are not privy. The Canons of law provide a detailed and forensic examination of the history of law that will allow the student of law and history to become aware of the problems and the solutions to our current legal crisis. It would be very wise for each student coming to these websites and this information to suspend their judgements for a long while until they have read, considered and analyzed several thousand web pages and several hundred historical documents and acts of law that reveal a troubled history of organized crime and legal corruption. IF YOU ARE A LAWYER, then you really need to suspend your judgements until you have read ALL of the Canons of Divine Law, Natural Law, Cognitive Law, Positive Law and Sovereign Law. You will find at this time that many of the Canons of law are not yet published to the web. You don’t need to worry about this at this time. You have enough to read as it is. If you are wondering where the AUTHORITY for this system of law comes from, then read these articles here and here.

JFK SPEECH TO THE PRESS. “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match…”

[Crime No.20-52] Scroll down to read about the JFK assassination.


Globe Union Supreme Court

One Heaven Supreme Court

Africans Union Court

American Union Court

Arabian Union Court

Asia Union Court

Euro Union Court

Oceanic Union Court

22 CANONS OF LAW sample









33 CODES OF LAW sample








One Corp

Heal The Earth

Protect The Earth

Give Mars Life


Frank O’Collins states publically that he alone is the sole author and architect of UCADIA. Frank O’Collins claims he wrote and designed these websites which form a collection of ever 60 websites with over one million web pages.

About Frank O’Collins

Questions about UCADIA


Modern warfare


One Faith Of God

One Spirit Tribe

One Islam

The Universal Christian Church

The Holy See

A New Beginning For An Old Church

Confessions are necessary to HEAL an EVIL history.

Homo-Sapien DNA

Sol Code


The UCADIA Patents represent an incredible human accomplishment in scientific, spiritual, legal, language and systems of thought and ideas. THESE ARE A MUST READ before you make any prejudgment about UCADIA.

UCADIA Classification System

Classification Diagrams

UCADIA Symbols Sytem

Symbols System Diagram

UCADIA Semantic Classification System

Semantic Classification System Diagrams

UCADIA Standard Model of Universal Elements

Universal Standard Elements Drawings

UCADIA Hydro-Helio Model

UCADIA Hydro-Helio Drawings

UCADIA EIKOS Language System

EIKOS Language System Drawings

UCA Model

UCA Model Drawings


The Society of One-Heaven offers an enormous online library of ancient, secret, recovered and new sacred texts. If you love to read the many and various religious texts to help you find meaning to your life and to the history of the world, then the Society of One-Heaven offers a lifetime of learning.

Maxima Textibus Sacris

Master List of Sacred Texts

Supreme Bible of God

Supreme Bible Of God Is Now The Supreme Authoritative Christian Bible.


Some religions have cruelly punished, excommunicated, isolated, condemned, murdered and burned alive heretics who have rejected their faith. Is this practice justified by the Divine Creator? Has there ever been a logical, rational, scientific or spiritual justification for this behavior? Or have those who have practiced the enforcement of heresy laws just been murderous lunatics who have no spiritual authority or rational justification for their actions? The links below will consider these questions.

The Book Of Heresy

Heresy Defined, Ecclesiastical Canon Law

Apostasy Defined, Ecclesiastical Canon Law


UCADIA and the Society of One-Heaven offer many sacred texts, stories and a revised history. You will quickly wonder if any of this is accurate history or just made up stories. You will wonder why all of these texts do not provide citations as proof of their provenance. You will have to use your intelligence, reasoning skills and discernment to come to your own conclusions. In the end, uncovering the truth is up to you.

Why there are no citations, an explanation.




The world is at a crossroads. Either you stand up for what is right, true and just, or you allow the world to collapse into chaos and anarchy. Your children and grandchildren are depending upon you to be courageous and work hard to repair the damage that has been done to our country and our world. The following character flaws will prevent you from performing your solemn duty to stand up for the rule of law.

  • Cowardice. Fear of reprisal by the Government or the courts resulting in jail.
  • Laziness. Personal comfort and gluttony are more appealing than duty.
  • Self Interest. The worship of money, lifestyle and power over virtue and service.
  • Past Crimes. Fear your past crimes will be exposed and not be forgiven.
  • Ignorance. Unwilling to read this information before forming opinions.
  • Prejudice. Forming conclusions before you read, listen and learn.
  • Stupidity. An unwillingness to exercise logic and reason.
  • Distraction. Spending time on frivolous activity instead of getting educated.
  • Embarrassment. Fear of facing the fact you have been lied to and bamboozled.


This single web page is designed with one purpose. To capture your curiosity and to give you a compelling reason to begin to look further into the information presented on these web sites and web pages. No one can or will force you to read, listen, contemplate and learn the material presented. But if you are willing to give it a chance, it will prove itself to be the most extraordinary journey you will ever take, and it will provide powerful benefits that will bring more prosperity and more skill at managing the many challenges you may face in your life.


This has been a call to duty. You are obligated to restore the law and return our world to sanity. It starts with you. Your children are depending on you to be strong, relentless and courageous. This is a golden opportunity for you to finally do something positive that will succeed and restore justice to our world and heal our communities. It will not be nearly as hard as you may imagine if you are genuinely concerned with honesty, virtue, kindness, compassion, duty, obligation and a sense of patriotism to the inalienable rights given to the homo-sapien species by the Divine Creator. WILL YOU STAND?


Good people bury their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge what is in front of their faces. The great irony about those who plea to the crocodiles to “eat them last” is that they just get eaten more slowly.


The test on lesson #1 will include a clear comprehension of this summary and overview of the information contained following the links. It is required of the student to study and comprehend the Canon law, sacred texts, articles and historical documents following each of the the links to insure a passing grade on the test. The test on the overview of Ucadia will include a basic knowledge of the overall picture and purpose of the Society of One Heaven, Ucadia, the Canon Laws and a knowledge of the many websites and globe union charters. This test will not focus on specific comprehension of all the Canons but will focus on an awareness of the size, scope, scale and purpose of Ucadia in general and an awareness of all associated websites.