How & Why?

Lesson #6

How and Why was UCADIAN Canon Law created?

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It is claimed UCADIA was solely and exclusively written by Frank O’Collins. Is this possible? That is the primary questions to be explored and analyzed to determine how and why UCADIA was created and who or what is behind it, if any. The internet is now filling up with criticisms of UCADIA and slanders against the architect Frank O’Collins, who is now under attack by web trolls that write anonymous slanders on various internet forums. The question is this, are some of these criticisms ill-conceived by shallow minded individuals that have not taken the time to carefully read and analyze the content of the various UCAIDA web sites? Or are the criticisms valid and the entire Ucadian effort is nothing more than the ramblings of a deluded internet cult leader and self-appointed truth movement guru? Perhaps it would be better not to address the criticisms themselves or waste time in debate with those that refuse to exercise a sustained capacity for logic and reason, but rather to simply put forth a series of questions that must be answered with a well-reasoned and credible reply. And if the critique fails to take the time to answer a few simple questions, then the critique cannot nor should not be taken seriously.

Below is a series of questions to be posed to any critique of Frank O’Collins, The Society of One Heaven or UCADIA. If a critic or skeptic refuses to engage the questions and refuses to offer a credible reply, then the critic or skeptic does not deserve a forum to be fairly heard by others sincerely examining the validity of the material and content found on the associated Ucadia web sites. So please carefully read the following questions and then develop an adequate and thoughtful answer to first establish your own credibility as an individual that deserves to be included in rational discourse and debate.

  1. How and why would one man spend his own time and money in an effort to create a matrix of sixty websites containing over a million web pages and then give it away for FREE to the entire world? What is his payoff for such an enormous undertaking?
  2. Why would he give such an enormous effort to the world for free only asking for donations from what seems to be an unwilling and disinterested public?
  3. Why would one man draft 7 Globe Union Charters for each continent on earth?
  4. Why would one man bother to write a Charter and Constitution for a United Jerusalem?
  5. Why would one man write Charters and Constitutions for several for United Countries?
  6. Why would one man rewrite the Charter for the United Nations?
  7. Why would one man write 22 books of new Canon Laws to replace the Vatican’s Canon Laws?
  8. Why wouldn’t the Vatican’s Roman Curia file a lawsuit to this Direct Challenge to Vatican Canon Law to their claimed exclusive ecclesiastical authority to draft Canon Laws that underpin and support all Western Roman Global Law Forms including American Law?
  9. Why would one man exert the effort to write 33 codes of law?
  10. Why would one man rewrite the entire Bible, write and include several dozen new sacred books into the Bible and call it the Supreme Bible of God? Where did he find the time to do such a thing?
  11. Why would one man write the Final Testament and claim himself to be the final messiah, prophet or messenger that ends all claims of exclusive Messiah, Prophet or Divine Messenger above all others of the human race? Why would he claim the authority to end all blood rights to rule, all Divine rights to rule, All familial rights to rule and ending all claims of Monarchy or Oligarchy? Why would he write a covenant that returns Divine Authority to each and woman where is rightfully belongs, Why does he declare each man and woman their own savior?
  12. Why would one man design and develop three new Faith called One Faith of God, One Islam and One Spirit Tribe complete with their own Charters and Sacred Texts and define their Derived Succession of Legal Authority?
  13. How could one man find the time and why would he undertake to invent and develop Seven new scientific patents that describe the revolutionary Hydro-Helio Atomic Matrix, A new theology and cosmology that supports and underpins the entire Ucadian legal system, an entirely new language system that contains thousands of new alphabetic characters, a new spoken language and organized in sets for the purpose of accelerating learning and comprehension of multiple subjects and disciplines, and how could he have the knowledge and expertise that spans multiple scientific, philosophical, theological, and academic disciplines to accomplish this feat?
  14. Why and How could one man write two books called the Journey of UCA and the Journey of Self that contain an entirely new cosmology that reveals astonishing claims about the untold history of human origins and the meaning of human existence that surpasses anything else previously written? Why would he write these books in such a way that they form part of an enormous and complex legal argument?
  15. Why would one man declare his new Ucadian Law  Form Society of One Heaven is the new, the one and the only Holy See as a direct and frontal challenge to the Vatican Global Legal Authority and Power structure?
  16. Why would the Vatican let him get away with such an assault and challenge to their Authority?
  17. How and Why would one man create content for a web site called One-Evil that alleges a hidden history of cruel and tyrannical abuses by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy and Roman Cult that expose crimes against humanity and perfidy of such an extreme degree that it baffles the imagination why the Vatican has not responded with so much as a whisper to such an explosive attack?
  18. Why did he write the book of warrants that appears to show numerous lawsuits against the Vatican?
  19. Why would one man claim that an elite group of merchant banking families he calls the Roman Cult was responsible for taking the Catholic Church of the Carolingians hostage in the Twelfth Century and parasitically controlling and corrupting the Catholic Church of Rome and transforming it into an organized occult criminal enterprise that now enslaves an entire planet? And why doesn’t the Catholic Church respond to such a horrendous slander against their Church with a powerful law suit for defamation?
  20. Why would one man claim this parasitic “Roman Cult” came to an end with the resignation of Pope Benedict the XVI and the Election of Pope Francis on March 14, 2013, and the Catholic Church does not so much voice a single complaint or challenge to such an outrageous public slander and attack on the Authority of the Catholic Church?
  21. How and why would one man be able to create an entirely new Time System to replace the Gregorian Calendar of the Western Roman Legal System? Why would the Catholic Church or the rest of the world allow him to get away with claiming a new Universal Time System that is more accurate than any previous time system? How did he acquire the expertise to accomplish this task? Where did he find the time to accomplish this one single task? And why doesn’t the Vatican and all Nation States and all astrophysicists challenge and sue him for challenging the Global Legal Authority of the Gregorian Calendar and astronomical time system currently in operation?
  22. Why would one man write a New Covenant to replace the older Covenants and Biblical Testaments and then claim all previous Covenants and Biblical Testaments are now null and void of any Ecclesiastical or legal authority?
  23. How and why would one man survey all land and seas on the entire planet and assign a trust number to each union and a location trust number to each division that directly challenges the lawful authority of the Vaticans Papal Bulls and land surveys that previously claimed Divine Authority over all land and seas? How long did it take him to then create a public website so anyone could search anywhere on the planet to find the trust number for each location?
  24. How and why would one man be able to reinvent an entire Global Economic System to replace and underwrite the current Global Economic System that is on the verge of collapse? How could one man claim to create and Implement the SADO system to prevent Global Economic Collapse after 2008? Where did he get the money to save the world from financial Armageddon by underwriting all currencies? When did he find the time to do this?
  25. Why would one man dare to create a trust deed that conveys 144 known Deities into a Supreme Juridic Legal Person of Ultimate Legal Authority from which all ecclesiastical and legal authority is derived, create a trust deed that conveys all ecclesiastical property and authority to the Society of One Heaven, changes the locks for the keys of Divine Authority and Right, drafts a treaty of Lucifer that establishes peace with all malevolent deities, and conveys all symbols of authority and all legal authority to the supreme jurisdiction of the Society of One Heaven? Why would he create such a trust instrument that establishes a line of succession and authority form the Society of One Heaven for all faiths, beliefs, non-beliefs, gods, devils, saint’s and sinners, so that no matter what you believe or don’t believe or what god you claim allegiance , you now claim by your faith and beliefs fealty to the Rule of Law of the Society of One Heaven, and you now enjoy the protection of all your human rights from the Society of One Heaven?
  26. How does one man possess so many insider insights into the inner working of the Priest classes, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Freemasons, Global Elite, Puppet Masters, Occult Fraternities, Ancient Merchant Families and the Banking Cabals? When did one man find the time to do so much research and how was he able to get access to the inner temple when endless journalists throughout time have failed to gain this access and prove unable to reveal these inner secrets? Where does one man find the time to be the journalist to end all investigative journalists?
  27. Why would one man rewrite and entire legal lexicon to replace the current legal lexicon and reveal the corruptions within the current legal lexicon? Where did he find the time and expertise to do the forensic research on the history and etymology of important legal terms?
  28. How could one man ingeniously reinvent an entire integrated system of civilized society to release the human race from the strangle hold of a corrupt global banking cabals and occult legal and corporate cabals?
  29. Why would one man write a Charter for the world top 1000 corporations?
  30. How could one man type over one million web pages in one life time on top of all the research and effort required to research and edit the web pages? If we assume each web page contains on average 500 words, and there are one million pages as he claims on over sixty web sites, including seven thousand legal forms, and he accomplished this over twenty five years, then this adds up 50,000,000 million words typed over twenty five years, that means he typed 2,000,000 words per year, then he had to type 54,794 words per day, which equates to 6849 word per hour, which finally calculates to 114 words per minute. This is an incredible feat of world record typing where he would have to be typing eight hours a day, 365 days per year for 25 years to accomplish the typing alone, let alone accomplish all the research and build the websites and write the html code that went into it. When did he also have the time to work in the Government sector, the insurance sector and play in a rock and roll bank? And wouldn’t he be suffering an extreme case of carpel tunnel syndrome?
  31. How was he able to accomplish academic research spanning ten thousand years? How long did this take him?
  32. How was he also able to discover a strange and secret history regarding human origins, genetic engineering, researching blood types, documenting the evolution and distribution of the species across the planet and human slavery  and rare earth mining spanning 280,000 years?
  33. How is it one man is able to integrate multiple scientific, philosophic, theological, legal, historic, archeological, paranormal, ecclesiastical and academic disciplines into an incredibly intelligent, well thought through, logical, reasonable, virtuous, integrated and purposeful whole?

Deserving An Honest Analysis.

I think it should be clear to any serious observer willing to engage these questions seriously that UCADIA and the Society of One Heaven deserve far more consideration that a simple jump to conclusions and personal attacks. A sincere an honest inquiry only requires an ability to exercise the simplest capacity for logic and reason. Any critique that quickly dismisses UCADIA as a cult or religion and some wacky internet anomaly is dimwitted, obtuse and unwilling to sustain a consistent cognitive effort long enough to become aware of what should be obvious. Are we so dumbed down as a race that we are no longer capable of discerning the most obvious and outrageous test of our intellect? Are we so easily fooled and deluded? Can we be so easily manipulated by dis-info agents? Do we completely lack the capacity for simple analysis? Are we really so lazy and incompetent that we cannot see the forest from the trees? Is the legal, banking and political professions so populated by incompetent bafoons that they are now completely focused on a career in law as nothing more than a means to sell the legal equivalent of fast food hamburgers and French fries? Is the law nothing more than legal process for profit? Is there no duty to uphold virtue and honor as a representative of the Rule of Law? Is this what several thousand years of human evolution has produced, a generation completely devoid of critical thinking skills and a sense of duty, honor, virtue and personal courage?

Should We Believe Frank O’Collins is the sole Author?

It may not be possible to surmise why UCADIA is being touted as the work of one man. We can speculate about many reasons, some of which may be very good reasons, including the necessity for a new legal architecture involving trust law to draw a single line of authority and conveyance form one single point in space and time, an one authoritative prophet of Divine Inspiration as the single lawful point in time of Divine Revelation, but that does not satisfy the natural questions any good analysis ought to have. Perhaps we can find a clue within the Ucadian Model itself. If we go to the article describing the life and times of William Shakespeare, we will discover that it has been a long tradition to attribute massive volumes of work impossible for one man to complete in one life time to a single individual and promulgated to society as a single source of genius of inspiration. This of course begs the question, who then is really behind these works of extraordinary genius? Who are the geniuses that really transform the world around us? And why do they choose to remain hidden?

Is Frank O’Collins the modern William Shakespeare?

Below are a few excerpts from the article on William Shakespeare.

“How Shakespeare went from earning a few pounds a year as an actor to one of the wealthiest of the merchant class in England overnight has never been properly explained. Nor has it ever been credibly explained how a man of limited education came to possess intimate knowledge of Papal laws, Italy, Venice, Europe, law in general, advanced medicine, advanced science, politics, and history, including an unheralded knowledge of the English language, Italian, French and especially Latin.”

“If Shakespeare truly was the author, then he had to have handwritten every last word–as typewriters did not exist. To put this massive undertaking into perspective–if Shakespeare made not one single mistake on any page, nor re-wrote a single line of dialogue, nor scene, then he would have to had written a minimum of one page per day for fifteen years (1598-1613) to complete this body of work. Given, no author in history has written even half as much without making mistakes, Shakespeare then must have written well over 15,000 hand written pages –yet not one single page has ever been found–an unbelievable and unprecedented anomaly that defies all logic.”

Who are the people behind the Ucadian Model?

As you read the Ucadian Model and the Covenant of One Heaven and the scientific patents, you will quickly come to a similar conclusion about Frank O’Collins. If Frank could not possibly have created this entire model with all associated works, then who did? Who are the people behind these great works of history? Or perhaps as the Ucadian Model seems to suggest, who are the aliens or the perhaps the Serpents behind this extensive and ingenious model and extraordinary pronouncements? Are we finally being allowed to peer behind the curtain to the darkest of secrets help by a jealous priest class guarding the most powerful knowledge for themselves? Well, we are told explicitly who has done this and who makes the claims. Read the following except form Architectus De Pronuntionis.

VII. We are Sacred Divine Immortal Spirit.

i. We, by blood, also known as the Divine Men, also known as the Serpents, also known as the Fearra Cualann, the first men of the Wicklow Hills, and Glencullen of the Sacred Valley, and

xi. We claim Dominion over the Whole Earth And Sea and Heavens as trustees and do so by Divine Right for and on behalf of the Divine Creator such that what is written and pronounced exists from the beginning.

Here is another example of Secret Jesuit Scholars attributing works.

Canon 6793

The word “Private” is one (1) of several words created and introduced in various complex works of fraudulent history introduced during the 16th Century by the Jesuit Order. Their first reference to “Private” was in “Corpus Iuris Civilis” published by Jesuit of the short robe (secret Jesuit) Denis Godefroy in 1583, which claimed 6th Century Byzantine jurists considered certain law from the perspective of “public” or “Private”.

Canon 5953

In the historically clumsy and fraudulent text known as Corpus Iuris Civilis or C.I.C. formed by Denis Godefroy and the Jesuits, a number of the core foundations of Christianity at the heart of the Pandektēs (πανδέκτης) of Justinian were deliberately reversed as the very worst heresy including but not limited to:

Canon 5954

In the 18th Century when a handful of scholars are recorded as openly questioning the credibility of the Jesuit fraud known as Corpus Iuris Civilis or C.I.C. and the source texts from which it was based, the Roman Cult produced the absurd fraud known as the Codex Florentinus as an alleged 6th Century copy of the Pandektēs in Latin and Ancient Greek from in a library in Florence after apparently sitting undisturbed as the largest book in the library of Pisa since the 6th Century without once apparently being read and without being referred by any scholar in the Middle Ages.

Attribution of Large Works to single Authors has a long history and Provence.

What should be clear is that the priest class has a long history of introducing large and extraordinary works to single individuals that could not possibly have created these works themselves. The question is, why do they do this? Why do the real private authors hide behind a single public face or persona.

Is Frank O’Collins a legal Person or Persona as Promulgator in Trust?

Perhaps we should argue that Frank is nothing more than a legal personality or part is a play that was given the task in trust to promulgate the ucadian model. So when Frank o’Collins speaks, he is speaking Ex-Cathedra on behalf of the Divine Creator, the UCA, or all of the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Scientists, Philosophers, Theologians and artists and perhaps alien intelligence that have all contributed to this great work since the beginning of time.

Here is another excerpt for the  De Pronuntionis Architectus.

” We, The Divine Immortal Spirit, expressed in trust to the circumscribed living flesh known as Frank, of the Clann O’Collins, also known from ancient times as the Clann Cuilliaean hereby command this sacred pronouncement be promulgated to all men and women and higher order spirits living and deceased.”


Therefore upon this Pronouncement, warranted by Our Right, upon necessity, We invoke both our freedom and these Rights for Ourselves and for and on behalf of all men and women, living or deceased, with the considerate judgment of all men and women living and deceased and the gracious favor of our common Divine Creator; and

We hereby give life and personality to this sacred irrevocable Deed through Our seal in Our blood; and

As it is written, so let it be.


Are these the words of the Divine Creator? Are these the spiritual occupation forces. Are these are the ancient priest class. Are these are the Sorcerers. The Diviners. The Abbra. The Serpents. And do these legal instruments lawfully end the Divine Rights to Rule over other men and women?

Another Clue as to WHO is making these CLAIMS.

If you read Pronuntionis Deus, then you may broaden the mystery even further as to who is behind these revelations. Can we say it is so simple? That Frank O’Collins is the Author? Or perhaps some secret Jesuit Council?  Or is there a deeper reflection is the waters of life that should awaken our recognition of who exactly it is that is speaking to us and making these bold claims?

Excerpts From Pronuntionis Deus.

  • As to the question of how and by whose hand these words are revealed, the answer itself is no further than your own face;
  • Neither can one take you away from you.
  • Thus if these precise words had been written by your hand, they would be no less valid.
  • For no one has my authority to stand between another and the Absolute.

Where Do You Stand?

So where do you stand, the person reading this article right now? Yes you! How have you answered these questions? Is frank O’Collins the true author and architect of UCADIA? Does Frank O’Collins have the ancient Sangreal Serpent Blood running through his veins and Genetic Code of the ancient high priests of the TRUE HOLLY where we derive the clann of the Holy Family? Or is he just the one appointed to promulgate the work of many other brilliant minds? Or is he a well-trained dis-info agent with marching orders that was hired to test the intellectual capacity and readiness of the human race for such a revelation as UCADIA and the Society of One Heaven? Are you ready for this, or do you lack the intellectual capacity and moral fiber to read, listen, learn and discern and then have the courage to act?

That is the question my dear Hamlet! To Be or Not To Be a Fool?