Lesson #4.

Does Frank O’Collins represent the fulfillment of prophecy?

33. But Peter said to Him, “Even though all may fall away because of You, I will never fall away.” 34. Jesus said to him, “Truly I say to you that this very night, before a rooster crows, you will deny Me three times.” 35. Peter said to Him, “Even if I have to die with You, I will not deny You.” All the disciples said the same thing too.

Who Among You Will Deny The Miracles I Bring?

To be a true prophet it is generally believed the anointed one will be able to perform some miracles as proof of their Divine Commission. The question is, what kind of miracles does Frank O’Collins claim to be able to perform? And what kind of a man does he claim to be? Modern science has convinced us all to believe miracles are not possible in our modern world. And we may have been trained to look in the wrong direction for proof of Divine Intervention. Perhaps it would be wise to pause for just a moment and consider what a modern miracle would look like. Many religious believers will want to see the sun of god walk on water and rise on the third day. Others will want to see people rise from the dead, ascend into heaven or get up from wheel chairs and begin to walk around. Still others will want to see a Messiah descending from the clouds wielding a flaming sword and cutting down all those who did not believe in him. Well what if the true miracles we have been waiting for have nothing to do with suspending the laws of physics, but instead a miracle that reveals the truth by pulling back the veil that conceals many dark secrets that are the cause for so much suffering in our world? Has it not been said that the truth shall set you free? Then perhaps the miracles we should be looking for to secure our freedom should be no greater than the revelations of truth and the vanquishing of age old lies?

A Culture That Ignores The Miracle Of Wisdom.

We often seek a quick cure or a savior from outside of us to lead us to the promised land. But what if the miracle we really need is simply the acquisition of Wisdom by our own efforts? What if the greatest Miracles of all are those small daily expressions of Virtue, Kindness, Honor, Courage and Compassion? Then what would it look like if the Miracle of the second coming was nothing more than the revelation of Great Wisdom that had the power to transform each individual soul for the better for the rest of eternity? What if that knowledge and wisdom could change the way we think about our world, how it works and how we can remodel the way our society functions so we can put war, greed, hostility, fear and a lack of prosperity behind us once and for all? Would that not be worth our time and effort?

What Do You Believe?

What if one were to walk among us that fulfills these miraculous requirements as the anointed one? Would it really be so hard to believe that the anointed one may simply be just a man, just like all the rest of us, but one that has descended from an ancient blood line of Kings, who now comes to us with NEW LAWS that have the authority to end Blood Rights and the Divine Right to Rule? What if in fact he was born into a family line that stretches back into antiquity and was raised among many that know of this history? What would you say to a man that comes bearing great knowledge and wisdom that can transform your life and relieve you of the many burdens that have accumulated from decades of abuses of power? What would you believe if a man walked among us, anointed by the Elect High Priests, but has renounced the title of the Messiah? A man with the authority to speak for the true laws of the Divine Creator? Would you not want to at least carefully examine the laws he claims to be sourced from the Divine? And what would you believe, if after carefully reading and analyzing those law, you discovered the new Covenant to be filled with the Spirit of Charity, Honesty, Kindness, Peace and the Equality of Rights for all People? If such a man were to make such a claim as to BE the Second Coming, should you not at least pause and examine the words of such a man pronouncing such a long awaited claim?

Why Do You Fail To Believe?

What would it really take to fill the sandals of the anointed one? Would any of us really be content with the knowledge that he can walk on water, cure the blind with a single touch, or vanquish the sinners with flaming sword? Would any of us of reasonable mind stand back and allow such a man to carry away the chosen few to Heaven while leaving the rest behind? Who among us would not protest that such and act of exclusion could only be the work of a deceiver? Who among us would be content to be left behind under the judgements of another that knows not of our unique journey and tribulations through life? But what if such a man arrived and instead of leaving many behind and selecting a chosen few, what if he welcomed all into Heaven and excluded not a single child of the Divine? And what if he came to forgive all debts and transgressions including those debts foisted on us all by the bankers and merchants of doom? Does not each end everyone of you believe deep in your heart you deserve to be counted among the redeemed if not to at least be given some time longer to sort out your unfinished business? What if such a man walked among us a claimed all debts are forgiven and all are welcome to join him in Heaven right now, without need to wait for proof after one dies?

Can You Hear The Rooster Crow?

The morning has come and the sun has begun to rise. The rooster has crowed to signal the birth of a new morning. Will you be among those that refuse to believe what has been placed right before your very eyes? What miracle do you seek that would in deed devalue who and what you already are? Who among you would not feel you were less if you were to witness a man walk upon the water? And what good could come from your receiving yet another clue that you were no created equal, that you were created with stain, were you to witness miracles that were well beyond your humble human race? Rejoice then that this man comes not bearing miracles that suspend the laws of credulity, but rather he comes just as a man, bearing gifts of knowledge and wisdom that have the enormous power to heal a world enshrouded in darkness and ancient deceit.

A World of Tribulation.

How much worse does the world need to become, before you recognize the trials we face are becoming biblical in proportion to past threats? Yes the world is in many ways better because of technology, but it has also teetering on the brink of chaos because many have used technology to gain a tremendous advantage over others. We read and watch in the news every day of more and more war, more famine, more riots over Wall Street crime, more banking collapses, we witness the politicians behaving in ways that can only be construed and abjectly insane no matter what side of the isle you claim. We watch as the police are being transformed into full military soldiers wearing combat gear and using robotic drones flying over our heads. All the while we watch more and more crimes of terror that convince us we are under constant threat. We watch in horror as the economy crashes then rises then crashes again, all the while trying to convince ourselves this is just a natural cycle of nature, as if the banks and wall street were atmospheric phenomenon devoid of human choices. How much more chaos do you need to witness to convince you that the world is not right? How much worse does it need to become to convince you that at any moment it could all collapse? Then this may in fact be the time predicted by prophecy, that we are nearing the end of days when the old world will crumble and give birth to a new world to come.

The End Times.

What is the END TIMES prophesied in the Bible? Does it really mean a Savior will come to judge and damn most of us to hell and rescue the few faithful that were saved? Or does the End Of Days simple mean the the Gregorian Calendar has come to an end and a NEW CALENDAR called the UCADIAN Calendar has come into existence? What if the old calendar ended and a new Calendar was created that had the legal authority to validate legal documents and render Gregorian Dated Documents legally invalid by comparison to those documents that use the new Ucadian Time Stamp? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before you jump to conclusions about what the END TIMES really means. Perhaps it would be wise to put aside your fears that the world will end and begin to believe that what it really means is that the world now stands at the birth of a new period of peace and prosperity. Wouldn’t be easier to accept a calendar change over a global Armageddon?

A New Covenant.

Most religious faithful believe the new or returning prophet will bring a new covenant that is able to forgive all debts and transgressions and allow us to enter heaven. That we may be redeemed. Many will doubt this can be accomplished with words of wisdom alone. They will demand that Frank O’Collins perform these miracles for them with his rod and staff. But if that were the case, would it not retard the true awakening of each end everyone to their true Divine birth right? Who really wants to be so weak and helpless that they require the saving powers of another greater than themselves? Is it not implied in the act of a savior performing these miracles for you and on your behalf that the Divine Creator has some how made you defective and of less value and ability than another? Who can truly be content with a Divine Creator that creates men and women unequal and bars his children from heaven? What else can this idea cause but a sense of self deficiency and intrinsic flaw. Perhaps to truly be a savior in this day and age would be to reject the role of messiah and instead elevate everyone to an equal station as a beloved Divine Immortal Spirit and equal child of the Divine favor and inheritance? Perhaps it would be wiser to accept the gift of personal responsibility than to claim we are defective and unable to become what the Divine Creator intended of us.


The test on lesson #4 will include a clear comprehension of all information contained on this page and in the Canons of Law following the links. It is required of the student to study and comprehend the Canon law, sacred texts, articles and historical documents following each of the the links to insure a passing grade on the test.