We Believe

Lesson #3.

What do Members of the Society of One Heaven Believe?

Every group, society, collective, cult, association, fraternity or community is held together by the cohesive glue of their collective belief system. When you come to the Society of One Heaven, it may be difficult to quickly discern what the society is all about. What does it stand for? Why does it exist? This page is designed to quickly give the reader and overview of the major beliefs that define this Society from other Societies. Read the following beliefs, and if the beliefs are in harmony with your own current beliefs, then it is worth your while to exert the effort of reading further to discover the full meaning and importance of the model called UCADIA. These are the core beliefs that distinguish UCADIAN belief from other beliefs systems.

How Do Your Beliefs Compare?

By examining the following beliefs, you can determine if you share the same values, ideas and beliefs expressed in the UCADIAN model and you can then determine if you have an affinity with or repulsion to the Society of One Heaven.


  1. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that Heaven and Earth are United and One. That there never has been, is now, or ever will be a separation between Heaven and Earth. That the idea Heaven and the realm of spirit is a place far away and not presently here is not only a mistaken and erroneous belief, but it is and has been a terrible idea and purposeful deception designed to curse our world and our people into perpetual fear, suffering, guilt, conflict and slavery. One Heaven means that the whole of the seen and unseen universe is Spiritual in Nature. It means that there is no such thing as material existence as separate and distinct from spiritual existence. That this life and the hereafter are all unique expressions of the One Living Spirit of the Divine Creator of which WE ALL share. That all life and all transformations of life are the living breathing movement of Spiritual Creation. That this, our world and the animals and people within it are all expressions of Divine Immortal Spirit and that no spirit, man, woman, animal, plant, landscape, the air we breathe or the stars that rest in the infinite reaches of space are outside and separate from Heaven. And no soul can be cleaved from Heaven nor can they be denied access to Heaven because their existence is Theological, Philosophical and Scientific proof that they exist and their existence cannot be logically argued to be separate from the Divine Creator nor One United Heaven. We believe no one can be denied membership to Heaven now and forever and no one can be legitimately told they must perform some predetermined meritorious action to be accepted into Heaven.
  2. We believe hell has a cause within ourselves, not a placed designated and set aside to act as a repository for the eternal damnation of souls. We believe hell is distinct from hardship. Hardship is a naturally occurring set of difficult circumstances resulting in hardship and suffering. Hell is the transformation of internal and external dimensions by human agency from a peaceful state to a state of divisive conflict as a result of a willful intention to inflict harm on others by a single individual or collectively as a group of individuals. We believe hell is caused by a faulty state of mind and erroneous belief system. We believe hell is caused by ill-intentioned human agency that transforms a beautiful and peaceful landscape into a bloody war zone. We believe the human will and ignorance is the cause for this destructive transformation, not an external force caused by another. We believe each and every individual is responsible and accountable for the beliefs they accept into their mind that result in incompetent, wicked and deluded choices and behavior that leads to the transformation of a beautiful and peaceful planet into a place of death, misery and war. We believe the only way to exit, leave or fall from Heaven is by way of accepting into ones own mind false beliefs and doctrines that tricks the individual mind to erroneously believe they are not currently a member of Heaven with all its gifts. We believe it is this mistaken belief that leads to guilt, anger, condemnation, feelings of degradation and abandonment that results in cruelty, criminal behavior, a sense of deprivation and lack that results in greed, lust, gluttony, theft and insane behavior. We believe this corrupted condition of the mind is a form of temporary insanity that can last a few years or Aeons depending on the will and intentions of the individual mind. We believe there is no god that condemns souls to hell, rather we believe we alone are responsible for condemning ourselves to a self created hell. We believe the cause of the hellish transformation of any dimension either internally or externally can be uprooted by ending our desire to condemn and torture each other and by ending the believe that war, cruelty, tyranny and damnation serves a useful purpose. We believe as long as people believe hell is caused by an agency outside of themselves, then the cause of hell cannot be uprooted because the agency responsible for its creation refuses to accept responsibility for the willful intention to give rise to hellish thoughts, words and actions.
  3. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that the belief in the necessity and value of War in the Spiritual Heavens and on the Earth is false and has ended. We reject the false doctrine that there is and has been or will continue to be a War in Heaven between lesser gods and lesser demons. We believe that war is, has been and always will be a bad idea that is valued only by those that have foolishly accepted the believe it may serve some worthwhile purpose. We have come to know and comprehend through hard earned experience, observation and suffering that war originates first by the acceptance within individual minds of a series of bad ideas, prejudgments and false beliefs with no merit, and then acted upon by arrogant, foolish and unwise souls. We have relinquished our belief in the value of war and hold steadfast that only the offer of peace begets and maintains the peace between peoples. We reject the false doctrine that peace is achieved through war. We believe we are not subject to the insane machinations of evil beings in hidden dimensions. That we alone within our minds must first find peace and ignore the delusional notion spiritual daemons hold sway over us or the Divine Creator. We believe that the Divine Immortal Spirit transcends harm and the cyclic dissolution of form. It is to this truth we justify our sacred commitment to peace.
  4. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that each Man and Woman is Divine Immortal Spirit and are the sole owners of their Unique Spirit, Mind, Flesh and Name and no man or woman, organization or religion, government or secret elite cult, society or fraternity may lay claim to these our most sacred of possessions.
  5. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that no Man or Woman may be claimed as the property of another and forced to serve as a slave or servant to a master or to perpetual debts, inherited or forced upon them by tyranny, dominion, subterfuge, treason, monopoly, enclosure or necessity.
  6. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, the Divine Immortal Spirit has not, cannot nor will ever be subject to and stand under the false authority of fraudulent trusts, deeds and/or claims and the unlawful conveyance of their Spiritual and Temporal property into a trust by another.
  7. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that each unique Divine Immortal Spirit is not subject and standing under the Authority of another, acting on their behalf, by claim of right to rule through Blood Right, Divine Right of Kings, Apostolic Succession, Familial or Racial right to rule, inherited Wealth, Seats of Power, Talismans or any other form of claimed supremacy and Right to Rule over others.
  8. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that each unique Divine Immortal Spirit expressed in the flesh must consent, free from duress, by their own conscience and free will, to swear a sacred oath before witnesses in recognition of and allegiance to the Sacred Rule of Law and agree that No One is above the One Singular Everlasting Rule of Law from the beginning. And that no man or woman may usurp their unique Authority to embody the Rule of Law and administer their own affairs as the General Executor of their own Estate and Government while incarnate in the flesh.
  9. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that no man or woman or claimed deity may sacrifice themselves vicariously through the torture of their body and the spilling of their blood as atonement for anothers sins for the salvation of their soul and/or the payment of their debts or their transgressions. We believe that we alone are responsible for our thoughts, words and actions and no man, woman, deity, messiah or savior may relieve us of our spiritual and temporal responsibility to choose rightly nor may they free us from our own ignorant willingness to believe in false doctrines we have accepted into our minds that give rise to our unholy thoughts and unlawful actions. We believe that is incumbent upon each and every Unique Divine Immortal Spirit incarnated in the flesh to uproot the erroneous beliefs that lead to the idea that another can hold dominion over our unique sacred soul, free will and individual responsibility to think clearly and make resulting choices. We believe there is only one unique mind that can choose freely within each Unique Divine Immortal Spirit and no one can choose for another or pay the price for anothers mistaken choices and actions. We believe each individual must become wise on their own accord. Each individual is responsible for the acceptance and rejection of ideas and doctrines that result in behavior that is in or is out of accord with Divine Will being eternal life lived in peace expressed in love for each other and all things. We believe Life, Love and Peace by their very nature to be devoid of sacrifice because they are a never ending eternal well spring that derives their Genesis within each and every Divine Immortal Spirit that chooses to express them because they are inspired with Divine Grace.
  10. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that knowledge, wisdom, logic, reasonable inquiry, analysis and sound judgment are tools that must be acquired by each individual and that blind faith in leadership or irrational Dogma is an abdication of spiritual responsibility to one’s self, family and society.
  11. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that your Divine Immortal Spirit was created and is borne pure, perfect, competent and without stain. We reject the false doctrine that we were created in sin, imperfect, impure and with original stain, born in debt because of the transgressions of our ancestors or any and all genetic imperfections. We reject the false doctrine that our purpose in life is to purify ones soul and expiate ones sins. Rather we believe that the erroneous self-concepts that lead to self-hate and resulting hatred of others needs to simply be uprooted and removed to reveal the spiritual perfection that already exists as an eternal attribute of the Divine Immortal Spirit within each and every individual. When this true nature is revealed within each individual, then the individual behaves in a manner reflecting their True Divine Nature. Until that time, their behavior reflects the insanity of false doctrine and false belief that corrupts their thoughts, words and actions for which each individual is accountable for their willing acceptance of false belief and doctrine and resulting behavior.
  12. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, children are born free of inherited debts. We reject the false doctrine that children inherit the financial and spiritual debts and transgressions of their parents and predecessors. We reject the false doctrine that the debts of our forefathers can be inherited just as their property can be inherited. We believe the personal debts of each of our forefathers are rendered null and void at the time of their death.
  13. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that each individual is responsible for their will and that it is an abdication of spiritual responsibility to hand one’s own will over to another or some claimed deity. Each individual is endowed by their creator with the ability to exercise free will in tandem with wisdom, knowledge, logic and reason and that one’s own will should never be given over to another nor claimed to be possessed by another. We reject the false doctrine that individuals must be followers and give up their will to a leader that will lead them blindly by faith to some predetermined destination. We reject the notion that individuals must be obedient to a superior authority outside themselves. We reject the notion each individual must not question authority or will be punished severely. We reject the notion that the chain of command must never be raised to question or to moral inquiry. We reject the notion individuals must follow orders blindly and without moral questions.
  14. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that each and every individual is directly in communion with the Divine and that there is no intermediary between each individual Spirit and the Divine. We believe that Divine revelation is a direct experience with the Divine and results in the expression of peaceful, loving and charitable behavior that is the result of direct and immediate communication with the Divine. We believe no one stand between each Spirit and Body and the Divine Creator.  We do not believe in vicarious redemption. We reject the false doctrine that individuals cannot know or experience the Divine directly.
  15. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that history has shown that many men throughout history have claimed to be holy and have dressed in fine cloth and preached in temples, but were in fact wolves in sheep’s clothing. We believe it is the moral duty of every individual to resist blind acceptance of authority and to examine carefully the thoughts, words, creeds and actions of those claiming to be religious leaders. We reject the belief we are sheep destined to be sheered by Wolves claiming to be Shepard’s.
  16. We believe, as a result of Superior Theological, Philosophical and Scientific Proofs, that each person should question authority, should raise to question certain beliefs, should be skeptical of the motives of religious leaders, Governmental or political leaders, should investigate the claims of historical facts and archeological findings, should question and logically evaluate any claimed sacred text, should resist calls for blind faith, should question the chain of command and that each person should demand a virtuous, logical and rational basis for taking any action. We reject the notion individuals should not study history, law, or philosophy, we reject the suggestion that the study of philosophy is not necessary or worse an act of evil perpetuated by an ethereal deceiver or malevolent spiritual being. We reject the notion that investigating facts, truth, history or the reasonableness of an idea is a sign of a lack faith and will jeopardize the souls entry into eternal life in Heaven if the individual dares question the Deity, the religious or political leaders or their associated belief system.
  17. We believe acquiring knowledge, wisdom, logic, reason and a fair analysis of history is required to uproot deception, evil thought forms and religious and political beliefs that are contrary to the fact of Divine Will and each individual’s present existent status of salvation. We believe Divine Will cannot be learned because it already is. But rather we believe that erroneous beliefs and deceptions must be unlearned and overcome to reveal the truth that already is. That truth is that each and every individual already is a Divine immortal Spirit conceived in Peace, Love and Eternal Life and each individual is not in jeopardy of death or eternal damnation. We believe each individual must choose to reject false doctrines that lead to fear, conflict, guilt, hate, cruelty, slavery, parasitic behavior, contempt of others, conceit, greed and gluttony. We believe that when an individual reveals what they already possess, then they no longer express hatred, prejudice, cruelty and domination of others because they know who and what they truly already are. We believe that knowledge, wisdom and logic is not learned to expiate guilt or sin and become holy, good or achieve eternal life or salvation, but rather to uproot the false beliefs and lies that claim the opposite is true and results in negative self-concepts, negative concepts of others, negative emotions, thoughts, words and behaviors.
  18. We believe our Will and Testament must be spoken by us before witnesses and memorialized in writing, and signed and sealed by us to be a valid Will and Testament. Any other Will presumed to be Our Will is invalid and a fraud if it does not comport to this most basic test of validity.
  19. We believe in the consent of the Governed. Without consent, a Government is invalid.
  20. We believe in honesty; that trusts, contracts, bonds and annuities concocted in secret without our knowledge and full consent are invalid, without force or strength in law.
  21. We believe there is only one Rule of Law equally for all, that no one is above the law and all are subject to the same Rule of Law.
  22. We believe the Rule of Law must be comprehensible to be enforceable.
  23. We believe the Lexica of words used as a basis for the Rule of Law must be simple and singular in meaning, with the definitions clearly stated and annexed into important documents such as a “Will and Testament” and the creation of any trust deeds.
  24. We believe the rule of law should be transparent and available to be learned by all without cost. That a law in secret is no law. That hidden keys to the meanings of words, ideas, concepts and axioms of law render such laws invalid, null and void with no force or effect in law.
  25. We believe men and women are created equal. And that men and women should be treated equally under the law.
  26. We believe in the sanctity of life. That life should be respected and that no one should intend ill will or malevolent harm upon another life form.
  27. We believe if one is cursed, all are cursed, that no one should remain cursed. We believe a curse returns upon the maker and their heirs with harmful effect, that no one escapes the destruction and illness of their own curses.
  28. We believe in forgiveness. That to forgive another their transgressions is to insure our own freedom from the harmful effects of our own hatred, wrath, ill intent and curses.
  29. We believe in personal responsibility. That we are uniquely and individually accountable for our own thoughts, words and actions.
  30. We believe a debt construed under false pretense is no debt at all, and any and all financial debt or obligation construed in fraud is to be forgiven, set off and the account settled.
  31. We believe each individual spirit is immortal and eternal now and forever. That immortality is not earned by adherence to religious Dogma, but is rather a presently existent and unassailable Divine birthright to be treated with the greatest and most solemn respect and dignity, toward oneself and all others.
  32. We believe all life forms are inspired with Divine Immortal Spirit as a member of the Divine and an expression of the Divine Creators Will. Therefore all life forms are to be treated with solemn respect and dignity despite the paradox of the necessity of survival and competition of life on earth. We believe survival does not imply disrespect or indignity toward other less complex or less powerful life forms. Nor do we believe the behaviors that are necessary for survival are in and of themselves disrespectful, rather that our attitude toward all life must be inspired by respect and dignity.
  33. We believe men and women have the right to form their own societies and Governments and they see fit to insure their safety, prosperity and happiness.
  34. We believe men and women have the right and duty to throw off the shackles of Tyranny when their Governments and elected officials refuse to honor their oaths of office and duties as fiduciaries in trust to the other members of society.
  35. We believe all men and women are created equal, with no blood, family, or Divine right giving them superior status over others. We believe all elected leaders must behave in accordance with rules and standards defining honesty, the perennial virtues and courage.
  36. We believe our rights cannot be alienated from us by another; that certain rights are given through grace by the Divine Creator and accepted by us with our knowledge and consent. That no man or woman has the right to infringe on our inalienable rights defined within our Will and Testament, Pactum De Singularis Caelem and Iuris Divini Canonum.
  37. We believe in the importance of individual competence and knowledge of the rule of law and history of the corruption of law as defined by Iuris Divini Canonum. We believe it is the solemn duty of each man and women to stand, uphold and defend the Rule of Law.
  38. We believe it is our duty to seek peaceful and amicable relations and treaties with alternate societies and estates. That we seek to co-exist with others in peace and friendly relations. That we seek to do no harm.
  39. We believe we are in the world but not of the world. We recognize we are Divine Immortal Spirits and therefore our corporeal form is temporary and all material wealth can only be temporarily used while we life in bodily form. Therefore we do not seek to be greedy, we refrain from gluttony, and we refrain from harm because we know that our character and the sum total of our memories and our choices are all we take with us. Therefore we treat each moment and each choice with solemn respect because we know our character and the sum total of our choices is our wealth, not the material forms we collect throughout our earthly life. We do not cling to our corporeal life form as if it were life itself. We act with courage when needed being willing to risk our current life form if it becomes necessary to resist tyranny and corruption of the rule of law and the just operation of a peaceful and prosperous society.
  40. We believe nothing stands between us and the Divine Creator. No Pope, No President, No Tyrant and No Man or Woman Divides Us and Separates Us from a direct and immediate connection to The Divine Creator, To Divine Will, To Divine Inspiration and to Divine Grace. We believe each and every one of us is the unique and collective expression and completion of the Divine Creator. That each of us are a unique and valuable child of the Divine Creator and that the Divine Creator does not, has not nor ever will place another Divine child or Divine offspring above the others nor endow them with supernatural abilities and attributes unavailable to all the children of the Divine. That each and every one of us was created equal by the Divine Creator. That no one need die and shed blood in sacrifice for another to live, to prosper or to be forgiven their debts or transgressions. That the Divine Creator gave us the eternal gift of life the moment we were born in spirit and flesh and that truth alone is Divine Will forever unassailable by false doctrine or belief. We believe that Life Itself is self evident proof of Divine Compassion, Benevolence and Mercy. We believe that to be a man or woman is the highest office and all other offices are lesser. We believe that to be a man or woman is to be the complete expression of the Divine Creator in flesh and the incarnate life is to be regarded as the sacred expression and completion of Divine Will.
  41. We believe we are each capable of remembering and recognizing our Immortal Spiritual Nature, our direct and inseparable connection to the Divine Creator and our ability to become competent, logical and rational in our mental functions and compassionate and charitable in our emotional sentiments. That enlightenment is not for the few, but available to all. We believe it is temporarily possible to conceive of ourselves as less than enlightened and less than the others and less than our Divine Creator, but that this condition is deceptive, illusory and temporary and this condition will dissipate upon the willingness of each individual to raise to question the false premises, arguments, and beliefs and become aware that those beliefs are false doctrine that renders the believer temporarily insane and delusional.
  42. We believe as a result of superior theological, Philosophical and Scientific proofs in a Divine Creator that allows and provides for individual transformation and redemption. We reject the false doctrine that a god condemns, imprisons, kills or destroys the souls of the damned. We reject the false doctrine a god will judge and condemn us at the point of death for our mistakes in life, no mater how evil. We believe each individual Spirit is accountable for all of their mistakes and evil thoughts, words and actions and that Divine Justice is the necessary path back to peace of mind and sanity. We believe that each errant soul must undertake a process of self evaluation and reflection to reawaken to their Divine Inheritance. We believe every act of evil is suffered by those that perpetrate such acts and that no one gets away with any act of cruelty or injustice because to commit evil is to harbor evil in ones own mind and soul. And what remains in ones own mind and soul is directly and immediately experienced by the believer and the fruits of such ideas and beliefs are the maturing of curses that eventually return upon the maker. We believe that to delay ones own spiritual maturity and acquiring of wisdom and discernment is to delay awareness of ones own Divine inheritance and the gifts and graces afforded to members of One Heaven now and forever.
  43. We believe that the war in Heaven is over and should have never been entertained. We believe Heaven is not divided. We reject the belief this world is an underworld ( Mundi ) that is designed to expiate our sins and imperfections through sacrifice, suffering, or slave labor. We reject the notion we are impure and in need of perfecting. We believe that it is only our deluded mind entertaining erroneous beliefs and false doctrine that divides the Heavens and devalues our Spirit and Flesh. That these erroneous beliefs are the cause of the Divisions between Us, and that these beliefs can be finally laid to rest and we can unite under the idea that the world we live in currently is every bit as much spiritual as a Heaven conceived of as belonging to the afterlife. That life itself in all its forms is a Spiritual Expression and Divine Mystery. That this World is a part of Heaven and is not cleaved and separated from the afterlife, but rather is an extension and a unified part of the afterlife. We believe the afterlife does not itself contain divisions between Heaven, Purgatory and Hell but rather those beliefs are only false doctrine and delusions that contrive to cleave the heavens in two, three or more. That war is a function of belief and not material fact. That to end the war in one’s own mind is to end the war in the Heavens above and the Heavens below. That to heals one’s own mind and spirit is to heal the Heavens and end the war that never was nor should have ever been. That within ones own mind is remembered the unity of One-Heaven.
  44. We believe we are entrusted by the Divine Creator to be trustees and caretakers for all life forms on Earth. That it is not our function to exploit the world and all of her natural resources for greed and gluttony, but rather to transform the world into a peaceful paradise capable of sustaining bountiful life forms indefinitely.
  45. We believe the Homo Sapien race needs big ideas to propel the race toward greater heights of achievement. That to set the goal of bringing life back to Mars is an idea that can give the homo Sapien race a source of challenge to mature into a greater degree of skill, awareness and stewardship. That the new UCADIAN economic model will provide the way to achieve big goals that does not result in the parasitic stripping and theft of valuable individual energy to be enjoyed by others, but rather the big goal and idea will provide individuals with a framework to grow and expand their natural abilities and become uniquely and individually more creative, skilled and mature. These big ideas will result in a mutual benefit for all.
  46. We believe no one has the right to claim themselves as General Executor, Trustee or Administrator over our spirit, mind, body, land or the fruits of our labors, skills and intellectual property. Only each individual spirit, mind and body can claim to be the General Executor of our own Divine Trust, True Trust, Superior Trust and any and all Derivative Estates and Offices.
  47. We believe no one has the right to disinherit our spouse, partners, progeny, kin, children and friends from inheriting our land and disposing of our property during our life and after our corporeal death as defined by our Will and Testament. No one has the right to consider our Estate intestate and force our Estate into probate with the intent and purpose of theft and larceny of the fruits of our creativity, labor and land.
  48. We believe we are obligated to be productive members of society and to give a percentage of our creativity and labors to the greater good of the society. We believe each and every one of us is valuable and useful. We believe each of us should work to better society because each and every one of us inherits the benefits of the fruits and labors of those that came before us. But we also believe no one has the right to force us to work, but rather it is our collective responsibility to make life and work meaningful and purposeful for everyone so that each individual derives value and enjoyment from their respective trade, labors and/or craft.
  49. We believe in living a life of honor and virtue.
  50. We believe in the Golden Rule as the basis for all Rule of Law.
  51. We believe Love is the fundamental basis of life expressed as Awareness Loves Life.
  52. We believe we are each entrusted to be our own saviors, that no one can save us from our unwillingness to listen, learn and discern truth from falsity but ourselves. We must save ourselves from our own ignorance and gullibility. We must save our selves from our own sense of victim-hood. We must save our selves from our own hatred, our wrath, our greed, our lust, our gluttony and our own cowardice. No one can think or act for us without our consent. It is up to each of us to open our spirit, mind and heart to the Inspiration of Divine Grace and Wisdom. And no one can do that for us.
  53. We believe in truth ALL are already saved and are eternal members of One United Heaven now and forever. We reject the false doctrine we need an external savior that posses the keys to Heaven we ourselves do not posses and a god has withheld from us. We reject the notion our soul is in jeopardy and we must submit to or believe in a savior. We reject the notion that our place is on our knees in subservience to imposters masquerading as gods, saviors, messiahs, deities or vicarious agents working on behalf of a god as their human representatives on earth. We believe ideas like these and our gullible willingness to submit to the alleged authority of others is an abdication of our spiritual responsibility to resist con-artists and confidence games designed to weaken our natural spiritual strength and separate us from our Divine inheritance. We reject the false doctrine we are unequal and some are closer in proximity to a god than ourselves. We reject the false doctrine a god has appointed others as authorities to rule over us placing us as a subject to their Divine Right to Rule. We believe Evil is predicated the false doctrine of damnation, disinheritance, a fall from grace and separation from the Divine Creator and Heaven. We believe Evil is self loathing, jealousy, envy, hate, wrath, degradation and sorrow which is predicated on a false belief we are not now currently members of One United Heaven, isolated and separate from the Divine Creator. We believe these false doctrines result in the entire complex of insane, cruel and degrading behaviors we have witnessed in ourselves and others.
  54. We believe we can only save the world from our own hatred, self interest and fears. It is up to each one of us to save the world from our mistaken beliefs that destroy the fabric, peace and natural harmony of this beautiful world. We believe we cannot choose for another nor control their mind without their consent. Therefor we believe we must let go of our desire to control others and concentrate on our individual personal responsibility, and in so doing provide a positive example for our children, family and friends, community and even our enemies.




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